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    BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Here it is, that twin-turbo V8 sounds very impressive
    (I can see another International Engine of the Year award coming up)


    Engines and performance;

    BMW X6 xDrive50i: V8-Benzinmotor mit Twin Turbo und
    Direkteinspritzung (High Precision Injection),
    Hubraum: 4.395 cm3, Leistung: 300 kW/407 PS bei 5.500-6.400 min−1,
    max. Drehmoment: 600 Nm bei 1.750-4.500 min−1,
    Beschleunigung [0-100 km/h]: 5,4 Sekunden,
    Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 250 km/h,
    Durchschnittsverbrauch nach EU: 12,5 Liter/100 Kilometer,
    CO2-Emission nach EU: 299 g/km.

    BMW X6 xDrive35i: Reihensechszylinder-Benzinmotor mit Twin Turbo und Direkteinspritzung (High Precision Injection),
    Hubraum: 2.979 cm3, Leistung: 225 kW/306 PS bei 5.800-6.250 min−1,
    max. Drehmoment: 400 Nm bei 1.300-5.000 min−1,
    Beschleunigung [0-100 km/h]: 6,7 Sekunden,
    Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 240 km/h,
    Durchschnittsverbrauch nach EU: 10,9 Liter/100 Kilometer,
    CO2-Emission nach EU: 262 g/km.

    BMW X6 xDrive35d: Reihensechszylinder-Dieselmotor mit Variable
    Twin Turbo und Common-Rail-Direkteinspritzung der dritten Generation,
    Hubraum: 2. 993 cm3, Leistung: 210 kW/286 PS bei 4.400 min−1, max. Drehmoment: 580 Nm bei 1. 750-2.250 min−1,
    Beschleunigung [0-100 km/h]: 6,9 Sekunden,
    Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 236 km/h,
    Durchschnittsverbrauch nach EU:
    8,3 Liter/100 Kilometer,
    CO2-Emission nach EU: 220 g/km.

    BMW X6 xDrive30d: Reihensechszylinder-Dieselmotor mit Turboaufladung und Common-Rail-Direkteinspritzung der dritten Generation,
    Hubraum: 2.993 cm3, Leistung: 173 kW/235 PS bei 4.000 min−1, max. Drehmoment: 520 Nm bei 2.000-2.750 min−1,
    Beschleunigung [0-100 km/h]: 8,0 Sekunden,
    Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 210 km/h,
    Durchschnittsverbrauch nach EU: 8,2 Liter/100 Kilometer,
    CO2-Emission nach EU: 217 g/km.

    This is the xDrive50i with optional 20" wheels:

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Driving dynamics with intelligent control: Integrated Chassis Management.

    The vehicle's drivetrain and suspension systems interact perfectly with BMW's Integrated Chassis Management. This high-performance electronic control ensures perfect harmony of drivetrain and suspension functions within fractions of a second, spelling out maximum driver control and supreme performance wherever you go and at all times.

    Even under a sudden change in driving conditions for example, on varying surfaces, in spontaneous steering maneuvers, when accelerating or applying the brake abruptly, ICM reacts with the utmost precision to the xDrive, DSC and Dynamic Performance Control actuators and to Active Steering when fitted as an option. In all cases, the nature and scope of such intervention is appropriately masterminded to ensure not just maximum driving stability, but also optimum dynamics.

    BMW's X Models already available today owe their outstanding agility largely to the supreme performance and qualities of ICM. Now the central control unit has an even greater and more progressive influence on driving dynamics in the new BMW X6, since it is also able to use the actuators serving for BMW's new Dynamic Performance Control. Depending on driving conditions and with fully variable management, the power of the engine is no longer split "just" between the front and rear axle, but also - through Dynamic Performance Control - between the left and right rear wheel, feeding additional power to the most appropriate point where it can be conveyed best to the road.

    This drive technology quite unique in the market enhances the agility, steering precision and tracking stability of the car in corners as well as its traction on slippery surfaces, significantly improving driving dynamics in all cases and under all conditions.

    As a result, Dynamic Stability Control is only required to cut in by applying the brakes electively on the appropriate wheel or wheels when the vehicle really reaches the extreme limits to driving physics. The world's first Sports Activity Coupe thus offers the driver the truly fascinating experience of being able to handle even the most demanding driving situations with sporting style and dynamic performance never seen before.

    The drivetrain and suspension technology of the BMW X6 ensures the highest conceivable level of safety, precision and driving pleasure on all surfaces whether rough or smooth. The foundation of this purpose is provided by suspension technology quite unique in the segment of BMW X Models. The front axle, for example, is a double track control arm configuration applying the double joint principle for dynamic lateral acceleration, superior tracking stability and minimization of forces acting on the steering wheel. Appropriate front axle kinematics, in turn, ensure optimum front wheel camber on the road at all times, the BMW X6 thus maintains supreme grip and road-holding even under the most dynamic conditions.

    At the rear, the BMW X6 features BMW's patented Integral IV axle serving to harmonize superior comfort with equally superior dynamics. And now this lightweight construction has been specifically optimized for the Sports Activity Coupe in many respects, with the entire rear axle configuration being appropriately adjusted to the specific demands of this model, for supreme sportiness and performance.

    The wheel mounts, rear axle sub frame and four track arms efficiently take up the dynamic and drive forces flowing into the suspension, reducing any elastic distortion of the wheel mounts, while soft swinging mounts provide appropriate longitudinal suspension and optimize the roll quality of the wheels. Effectively separating the road surface from the drivetrain, finally, the rear axle helps to ensure first-class noise control and ride comfort.

    The BMW X6 comes as standard with 19-inch light-alloy wheels. Also featured as standard are run-flat safety tires, which enable continued driving even after a complete loss of pressure in the tires. Furthermore, the Tire Pressure Monitor system permanently monitors air pressure and warns the driver as soon as the air pressure in the tires drops more than 30 per cent below the ideal level.

    BMW xDrive: intelligent all-wheel drive for enhanced dynamics and optimum traction.

    Permanent all-wheel drive with electronically controlled, variable distribution of drive power between the front and rear axles gives all BMW X Models not only superior traction, but also enhanced driving dynamics. Indeed, BMW xDrive gains its superiority as an intelligent all-wheel-drive system by distributing drive power front to rear by way of an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch according to driving conditions, in exactly the right dosage and to the axle with grip.

    In normal driving situations BMW xDrive distributes drive power in a 40 : 60 split front-to-rear, with sensors consistently measuring wheel slip. Hence, the system is able within a fraction of a second to vary the distribution of drive forces, with BMW xDrive-unlike conventional all-wheel-drive systems-anticipating the upcoming situation and not just responding once a wheel has started to spin. This serves to stabilize the vehicle even before the driver notices any need for action.

    On the new X6 with Dynamic Performance Control, handling and stability are enhanced to an even higher level with the ability to multiply torque to an individual rear wheel for yaw control. With the combination of xDrive and Dynamic Perforance Control, the X6 is able counteracting even the slightest trend to over- or under-steer right from the start at the earliest conceivable point with the positive effects on the driver's sense of driving dynamics.

    Unparalleled agility and tracking stability thanks to xDrive and Dynamic Performance Control.

    The positive effect of Dynamic Performance Control on the agility of the BMW X6 is clearly seen right from the start. In conventional everyday traffic, the vehicle steers into corners with significantly enhanced precision at any speeds.

    Dynamic Performance Control likewise enhances the handling and, indeed, the overall control of the BMW X6 in sudden steering maneuvers and at particularly high speeds in bends. If the vehicle begins to understeer or push to the outside of a corner BMW xDrive and Dynamic Performance Control will dynamically shift torque to the outside rear wheel in order to are able to counteract the understeer. On the other hand, if the vehicle threatens to over-steer, xDrive reduces the transmission of power to the rear wheels then the Dynamic Performance Control transfers torque and drive forces from the outer rear wheel and diverts these forces to the inner rear wheel.

    This intervention in the interest of greater stability is so quick and finely controlled that the driver will not even notice what is happening. What he will notice, however, is that the BMW X6 ensures exceptional steering precision and vehicle balance all the way to the extreme limit.

    Unique: Dynamic Performance Control enhances steering precision also when the driver takes his foot off the gas pedal.

    A further particular feature of Dynamic Performance Control is that engine power and torque are split variably between the rear wheels not only when the engine is "pulling" the vehicle, but also in overrun. This is made possible by the addition of a planetary gear set and a multiple-plate clutch operated by an electric motor on both output sides of the rear differential. With this configuration Dynamic Performance Control is able to vary the distribution of drive power also when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator.

    The BMW X6 is the first vehicle in the world to offer such a stabilizing effect independent of engine load and drive power.

    Dynamic Performance Control also serves to optimize traction on a slippery surface. With its ability to vary the transmission of engine power specifically as required between the two rear wheels, Dynamic Performance Control serves to improve traction and pulling force whenever the vehicle is running on different surfaces from one side to the other, for instance, with asphalt on one side and a snowbound surface on the other. Any differences in the frictional coefficient between the wheels on the left and right (modal split) are offset by Dynamic Performance Control specifically sharing out drive forces on the rear axle.

    Easily viewable on the instrument cluster, the driver receives a clear message showing the interaction by Dynamic Performance Control. By simply pressing the lever on the steering column, the driver is informed of the current distribution of drive power via a bar diagram showing how much power is going to each of the four drive wheels at any given point in time.

    DSC intervening only when driving to the limit.

    The difference in drive forces between the two rear wheels provided by Dynamic Performance Control can be as high as 1327 lbs-ft (1800 Newton-meters). But even then, all the driver will feel when Dynamic Performance Control intervenes is a - significant - increase in agility, traction and driving stability. As a result of Dynamic Performance Control's intervention, the Dynamic Stability Control intervenes much less frequently than before. In practice, this means that the driver is able to use the full drive power and torque of the engine much longer than with a conventional system, DSC acting on individual wheels or reducing engine power only when the driver really pushes the car to the extreme limits of physical performance.

    In addition, DSC in the new BMW X6 offers a wide range of additional functions serving to promote safe and dynamic motoring including: ABS anti-lock brakes; Automatic Stability Control; Trailer Stability Control; Hill Descent Control; Dynamic Brake Control, automatically maximizing brake pressure when required in the interest of minimum stopping distances; Cornering Brake Control; and, finally, Active Cruise Control complete with its own brake application function.

    The Automatic Differential Brake serves as a transverse lock between the two wheels, and Fading Compensation increasing brake pressure as required under extremely high brake temperatures, helps to maintain the brake forces required even under extreme conditions. Regular Dry Braking, in turn, optimizes brake performance in wet conditions, while the Start-Off Assistant enables the driver to set off more smoothly and easily on an uphill gradient.

    The new BMW X6 features a parking brake operating both electromechanically and hydraulically, activated or released simply by pushing a button.

    Reflecting the high standard of driving dynamics offered by the BMW X6, DSC also comes with Dynamic Traction Control as a special function, raising the DSC response thresholds to a higher level, allowing a particularly sporting and active style of motoring, and enabling the driver to set off smoothly on snow or in loose sand with the drive wheels intentionally spinning slightly.

    Supported by a wide range of DSC functions, the high-performance brake system featured in the BMW X6 ensures excellent stopping power under all conditions. Inner-vented discs on all four wheels take up brake energy, newly developed lightweight brakes with floating aluminum calipers front and rear, guarantee extremely good resistance to fading and maximum brake comfort on the top-of-the-range BMW X6 xDrive50i.

    Active Steering for a particularly sporting and comfortable style of motoring.

    The BMW X6 is also available with Active Steering as an option. This very special system developed by BMW offers exactly the right steering ratio at all speeds, maintaining direct steering behavior up to a speed of about 55 mph, as required particularly for a sporting and active style of motoring. A further advantage in this case is that the driver only has to turn the steering wheel twice from lock to lock when parking. At higher speeds, on the other hand, Active Steering offers a more indirect transmission ratio in the interest of steady directional stability and, as a result, enhanced motoring comfort.

    On the BMW X6, Active Steering is combined with Servotronic, thus making an active contribution in stabilizing the car in the event of over-steer in bends or particularly demanding brake maneuvers. When applying the brakes on different surfaces left and right, for example, that is with a so-called modal split, Active Steering counter-steers discreetly but firmly to prevent the car from swerving out of control.

    Unique: Adaptive Drive with data transfer via FlexRay.

    Carefully harmonized interaction of the vehicle's anti-roll bars and dampers masterminded by Adaptive Drive is another unique feature in the segment of BMW X Models. Indeed, this combination of active body roll control and variable damper adjustment available as an option gives the new BMW X6 incomparably superior driving behavior.

    Using sensors in the vehicle, Adaptive Drive constantly monitors and calculates data on road speed, the steering angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, body and wheel velocity, as well as ride and damper position. Applying this information, the system acts directly on the anti-roll bar swivel motors and the electromagnetic valves in the dampers, varying body roll and the damping effect appropriately at all times and in all situations. Simply by pressing a button, the driver is able to choose either a sporting or a comfortable setting on Adaptive Drive.

    BMW Adaptive Drive uses high-speed FlexRay data transmission for fast and reliable coordination of data. This system, developed to production standard by a development consortium under the leadership of BMW offers a standard of data transfer capacity never seen before - and BMW is the first carmaker in the world to use FlexRay technology in a regular production car.

    Superior engine dynamics in both the xDrive35i and xDrive50i.

    Through its superior suspension technology, the BMW X6 is able to convert all the power of the engine safely and consistently into driving dynamics under virtually all conditions and on all kinds of surfaces. And the engines available in the first Sports Activity Coupe set standards themselves in terms of muscular performance, superior running smoothness, and outstanding efficiency in their respective class. Both the xDrive35i and xDrive50i feature Twin Turbo technology engines, representing the latest in state of the art engine technology-with the power range extending from 300 hp to 400 hp.

    The BMW X6 xDrive50i is powered by an all-new eight-cylinder, while the BMW X6 xDrive35i features the most powerful straight-six within the engine portfolio of Germany's leading premium car maker. The performance characteristics and efficiency for both of these engines benefits from the exclusive combination of Twin Turbo technology and High Precision Injection available only from BMW. The principle of combining two turbochargers and direct gasoline injection applied for the first time on the straight-six is now also to be admired on the new V8.

    A class of its own: The new eight-cylinder with Twin Turbo Technology.

    With Ultimate Driving Performance as the most important feature-this applies to BMW's X Models and to BMW's eight-cylinder engines-the BMW X6 is adding an incomparably dynamic variant to the line-up of BMW X Models, with the world's first Sports Activity Coupe boasting a particularly sporting and dynamic eight-cylinder.

    Displacing 4.4 liters, the new V8 engine with Twin Turbo technology and direct gasoline injection (High Precision Injection) develops maximum output of 400 hp throughout a broad range of engine speed from 5,500-6,400 rpm. Engine torque reaches its peak of 450 lb-ft throughout an unusually large speed range from 1,800-4,500 rpm. The spontaneous, intense and long-lasting thrust generated in this way is the result of Twin Turbo technology already featured on BMW's most powerful straight-six combined with High Precision Injection. The cooling effect of direct fuel injection also ensures a compression ratio quite unusual on a turbocharged engine, helping to give the engine an even higher level of all-round efficiency.

    The position of the turbochargers and catalytic converters in the V-section between the two rows of cylinders is likewise an innovation in technology allowing particularly compact engine dimensions and at the same time requiring new configuration of the intake and exhaust ducts. This means shorter intake and exhaust manifolds and larger cross-sections significantly reducing pressure losses on both the intake and exhaust side.

    The all-aluminum V8 engine developed for the BMW X6 offers all the qualities typical of an eight-cylinder in incomparably sporting style. In practice, this means a combination of superior torque at low engine speeds with an ongoing surge of power and performance up to the higher speed range.

    The BMW X6 xDrive50i accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds and boasts ample power reserves for exceptional acceleration also at higher speeds. When equipped with the optional 20 inch wheels with performance tires, the top speed is a truly impressive 155 mph limited electronically by the engine control unit.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    It even has a sunroof
    Didn't think that would happen with the very sloped roof, but it remains to be seen if it slides or is tilt only.

    This is the xDrive35d on 19":

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Has the same roof line as the Z4 Coupe/M Coupe.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    You can see the size of it from these pictures and the guy inside... huge. Does anybody when the X4 is expected to roll out or if there will be an X4 at all?

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Carlos from Spain said:
    You can see the size of it from these pictures and the guy inside... huge. Does anybody when the X4 is expected to roll out or if there will be an X4 at all?

    BMW will produce X4 , but wont be introduced before second half of 2012 as MY 2013.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Thats too far away

    Thanks Shakal

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Carlos from Spain said:
    Thats too far away

    Thanks Shakal

    Yep.. you can consider X4 as replacement of your next car... When I get any new info about X4 I will inform you

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    I can't decide if it's too ugly to be seen in it or if it's the new best thing ...

    is this thing supposed to be cool or not?

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    amazon said:
    I can't decide if it's too ugly to be seen in it or if it's the new best thing ...

    is this thing supposed to be cool or not?

    It was supposed to be cool, but it didn't work.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    At first I didn't like this car at all, but I think I need to see it in person to decide whether I was right, or if this is a good looking car.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    I really do think that with the changing attitude towards climate change that cars like this will be seen as highly unacceptable in some markets. I believe that a number of other manufacturers are developing similar models but I just cannot see the point personally as they offer less space than conventional sport SUV's. I don't doubt that it will be a great drive but is this a niche too far in a world now demanding lighter, greener cars?

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    I saw the concept version at the Frankfurt auto show and it doesn't feel as large as the X5, even though it is.

    It's a car designed to cater to a new market trend, personally I don't see the point in buying a car that is the same size as the X5, same platform, same engines etc but with less space.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    palenimbus said:
    It's a car designed to cater to a new market trend, personally I don't see the point in buying a car that is the same size as the X5, same platform, same engines etc but with less space.

    Not to mention less seats. It will be a strict 2+2 with only two seats on the second row, no three seater option. So it's really form before function.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    zzboba said:
    It was supposed to be cool, but it didn't work.


    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    No mention of the hybrid version??

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Disgusting. A typical BMW

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    MKSGR said:
    Disgusting. A typical BMW

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    when will they start selling it?

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    dhayek said:
    when will they start selling it?

    In Germany 19.4., in other countries a few months later.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    I really do not understand the 2nd seat row limited to 2. That must be an option no???
    As for the shape, this is so different I would like to see it in the flesh first. Why not, with the 3.0L biturbo (diesel or not)..
    Price wise, how does it compare vs. the X5?

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    X6 prices in Germany:
    xDrive50i: 73.800 euro
    xDrive35d: 61.800 euro
    xDrive30d: 55.800 euro
    (Couldn't find xDrive30i)

    X5 prices in Germany:
    X5 4.8i: 69.500 euro
    X5 3.0sd (same engine as 35d): 59.500 euro
    X5 3.0d: 52.500 euro

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    I think it will do for BMW what the CLS did for Mercedes... sell a lot!!!

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Cool, price difference between X5 and X6 is smaller than I thought it will be

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Useless. Why get a BIGGER car wit less space ?

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    This has got to be the most stupid and useless car in ages!

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    I like it so far. A sport utility that doesn't look like a truck.

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    BMW X6 webspecial, with new videos and pictures:

    If you're driving a 997 Tiptronic and see this in your rearview mirror, don't expect it to get any smaller

    Re: BMW X6 official pics and pressrelease

    Crash said:
    Useless. Why get a BIGGER car wit less space ?

    The same reason why you would choose a CLS over the E-Class -
    Better/more fun to drive and looks (more attention)



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