I don't know if this will be of any interest to members of this forum but a couple of guys I know indirectly have just completed a year long project to reproduce the original Ferrari dealership sales and service signs. They managed to persuade a former UK dealer who lost the franchise back in the early 80s to finally part with their original signs which they had kept in storage as mementos for years.

The process of making the new signs involved taking a mould of the originals then using it to create a wooden buck which could then be used to make the moulds for the reproductions. This means that any slight flaws and blemishes are faithfully reproduced so the signs do not simply look like mass produced CAD reproductions. Each sign then had to be carefully masked up and hand painted individually with the five different colours required. The aluminium signs have been reproduced to look like the originals but have much better mitre corners and welding than the Italians bother to achieve back in period Smiley  They are not illuminated as the originals weren't either but it is possible to put a slim LED panel light behind them as you can see from one of the photos.

They have not made many of either sign and once they are sold out they will not be making any more as there was so much work involved and the sign company who made and painted the plastic moulds will almost certainly massively increase their price now they know exactly how much labour is involved. Originals rarely come up for sale and when they do they sell for literally thousands at auction etc.

If anyone would like one for their garage/man cave etc drop me a PM and I will pass on their contact details to you. I'm not sure if they are geared up for international shipping from purely a packaging viewpoint as the signs could get damaged in transit from careless handling but they may be able to crate them up or provide stronger boxes etc.


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