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    What does the computer keep track of?

    I know there was at least one other post on a similar subject, but I was wondering about the computer(s) in the car. Is there more than one computer? I had a Mercedes and for no reason, the "bring car to dealer" message came up, I took it in and they said, you had such and such an error on such and such a date at this many miles.... Is there something on the 997 that keeps track of this sort of thing?

    I saw on ebay, a guy selling software to read the error codes and a few other things, as well as reset the CEL light and ? Which comes with the cable which I guess plugs into somewhere under the drivers side. Diagnostic Scan Tool ... Is this reading off the same computer (ECU) that they use to re-program for more performance but is just limited on availability of the features to do performance upgrades?

    And I have heard of people turning back miles, even on newer cars... If someone was able to do that, is there a way that the dealer can run some kind of software on the computer and find out if the mileage had been turned back? (would be a good thing to know for a used car purchase)...

    Re: What does the computer keep track of?

    So nobody knows???

    Re: What does the computer keep track of?

    According to the news last night, the police removed the Black Box from the Suburban that Gov Corzine was riding in when it crashed a few days ago, and released that the car was going 91 mph in a 65 zone. There was a NJ State Trooper driving.

    Re: What does the computer keep track of?

    How would the thing possibly know that he was in a 65 mile an hour zone???? or did they just assume that's pretty much the max speed on any given highway? I wonder if that's something that is exclusive to GM cars with ONStar?

    That's kinda what my question was... Do 997's have something similar in them and what does the thing actually keep track of....?

    Re: What does the computer keep track of?

    The BBox doesn't know, the police do know - there is a big skid mark and lots of debris on the road. It was on the Garden State Parkway, a few miles north of Atlantic City. The limite there is 65.



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