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    Porsche driving school

    Has anyone here attended the Porsche driving school in Alabama? At the Los Angeles auto show I spoke with Cass the chief instructor and he made it sound great. I attended the Porsche Carrera GT test drive at the California speedway last year and it was well worth it.

    Re: Porsche driving school

    I did both the regular 2 day course and the 2 day master class and they were both great. I learned allot and had a really great time. It is run very well with classroom work at the beginning of each day and allot of track work in the afternoons.
    Don't hesitate, sign up you won't regret it.

    Re: Porsche driving school

    I'll second that. Worth every penny.

    Re: Porsche driving school

    Here's a post I made not too long ago about my experience at the PSDS. Larry (Over the Hill) also joined me too. We both went to the Masters course less than a month later too.

    Well worth every penny.

    Re: Porsche driving school

    I have attended the two-day high performance driving class at Barber Motorsports but never returned for the two day Masters course because I found something closer and much better from my stand point.

    My PDE class had 30 students divided into six groups of five students each. Half the class (three groups of five) would be down on the track playing follow the leader while the other three groups of five where up in the parking lot either doing the autocross, emergency lane change or heel/toe practice or on the skid pad where only one person in your group was actually driving a car and you stood there watching and waiting your turn behind the wheel. The first day on the track you never came out of 4th gear, on the second day you could only use 3rd and 4th. There was never any passing allowed and track laps were not timed (only the autocross was timed using a Casio chronograph wrist watch). You were never allowed to drive as fast as you wanted as there was always an instructor in front of you holding you back. You could only drive as fast as the instructor was going; I wanted to go faster.

    Then I found Jim Russell three day racing school at Infineon Raceway near San Francisco for about the same price. Each morning and afternoon session started with about 30 minutes in the class room then it was to the track where you were in the car for 30 minutes then back to the class room to have instructors critique your driving performance corner by corner and offer advice on how to go faster then back out into the car for another 30 minutes. You used all four gears, you where allowed to pass in prescribed areas and your laps were timed by a transponder to the 1/1,000th of the second.

    If you are looking for excellent catered lunches, a 4 star dinner and driving a car equipped with ABS and stability control in air conditioned luxury then PDE is for you. But if a sack lunch, sitting in an open cockpit in the sun, driving a car without ABS (you are taught threshold braking) or stability control, non synchromesh gearbox (your heel/toe technique takes on real meaning now) and you get enough track time over three days to develop a blister on your hand from shifting may I suggest a racing school?

    Re: Porsche driving school

    jerrygee, you're allowed to drive at your own pace by yourself in the Masters course. Like you'd described how things operate at the Jim Russell course, passing is allowed at certain points but however because of insurance purposes, timing other than autocrossing was not allowed. That's one thing I would've loved to be able to experience, the timing improvements. I hope to take another racing course somewhere else. I have to say that I absolutely LOVED the Barber racetrack.

    Re: Porsche driving school

    PSDS is GREAT!!!
    You will not regret your decision to attend...
    After the initial course, the "Masters" is the one to are on track alone (no lead/follow) to test your resolve on the second day.
    Barber is a very challenging track, not really fast, but no time to rest, mostly blind, fallaway corners.
    I like it and recommend it, and have done it more than most

    Re: Porsche driving school

    Trundle_GT3 said:
    PSDS is GREAT!!!
    You will not regret your decision to attend...
    After the initial course, the "Masters" is the one to are on track alone (no lead/follow) to test your resolve on the second day.
    Barber is a very challenging track, not really fast, but no time to rest, mostly blind, fallaway corners.
    I like it and recommend it, and have done it more than most

    He's not kidding about that! When I was at the masters, he was there for the 18th time! I think he's done more since then!

    Has anyone done the schools available in Germany?

    I'd be particularly interested in a compairision with Birmingham:



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