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    mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    Only for mini drivers.

    Im thinking of getting a beater to drive the hell out of. I was going to wait for the evo10, but looks like the dealer here is hopeless in answering my questions. Plus its going to take too long to arrive.

    Im planning on using this car only to go to work and back home. I drive like a maniac so 0-60 acceleration is of the utmost importance. plus i need the car to reach 220km on a daily basis. my daily commute is around 100km to 150km. I cant use any of my other cars cuz i feel like i'm driving them too much. I recently purchased a 2006 volvo s40 car as a beater but its too slow and suspension sucks. so i gave it to our manager . We also have a big armada but its too big to drive long distances. The car shouldn't be very big as i will need to park in and out spots very quick without worrying that someone might bang in to it.

    And finally, there should be no major face lifts for the next 2 years. Reliability is also important as i cant have my beater broken down. lets just say, this car will be abused. It wont be washed or parked in doors, its going to be parked outside the factory and dusty all the time. the first thing i will do is get a big break kit and some suspension work if needed.

    I recently drove a mini s and liked it. It was nimble, and put a smile on my face. The problem is , it wasn't as fast i wanted it to be. So here is my proposal, Buy a mini s , turbo charge it to 300hp, change brakes, use sticky tires and kill it for 2 years.

    the 1st million dollar questions is?

    Do you think it will be reliable enough to drive on a daily basis. If so which tuning program do you recommend.

    the 2nd million dollar question is?

    will this be drivable since its front wheel drive? i used to own a Mitsubishi eclipse 3g and it was tuned to 340hp. Power transferring to the road was not as nice as i hoped

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    I've always been in love with the Mini's and you can't beat them for the money, no doubt.

    The reliability of the supercharged one is flawless, we haven't had a single problem at all with it.
    So it depends on if you're looking to buy a brand new Cooper S Turbo, or the older supercharged one (I prefer the latter).

    Their will be a lot more "stuff" for the older one seeing as it's been out much longer, and their's been time for new things to be made for it. The new one will have stuff soon, but it doesn't have the appeal to me like the Supercharged one does.

    Plus, for more power and a warrantee, the John Cooper Works kit is definitely the way to go, that'll definitely give it plenty of scoot.

    And as for getting power to the road, I've never had a problem with that except for in snow (even then it's still pretty good!), but in Dubai, i get the feeling you won't be having that problem.

    All said and done, I say it's an amazing little car, and think it'd be a wise purchase.

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    If you're planning to modify it - you can throw reliability out the window. I would only go the JCW route and keep the motorplan etc. intact.

    The new Cooper S doesn't have the JCW kit yet as I understand, will only be available in a few months.

    I had my 03 Cooper S until 25,000km and then changed it to JCW - have driven to 42,000km now and not a single problem!

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    Amir, as staunch of a MCs supporter as I am, I don't think this is the right car for you. Pressing 300hp into a FWD format just won't work imo. There are a lot of turbo/super kits that seem to get this job done but I think you will be pressing the limitations of FWD.

    For example, my Cooper S is well balanced enough where I don't feel the understeer excessively; there isn't enough power to put me in that situation.

    But at 300hp, that would be different. Also the Coop isn't a 0-60 blazer. I think you would require a reinforced fw/clutch which is difficult on a supercharged car due to the timing.


    With that being said, the JCW/GP tuning kits offer in the low 200hp range, which I think is quite adequate for the car. What type of performance are you looking for? Give us a better idea and maybe we can offer some other alternatives (the Clio sport perhaps? An evo sounds delicious as well...)

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    Thank you all for the input. The mini is definitely a good bang for the buck, that is why i'm considering it.

    Hurst, I loved the mini. very fun car, especially the interior. the handling was very good too, albeit needed a anti-sway bar. The acceleration , somewhat disappointing.

    The thing is , the car has to represent my attitude. I'm a yes/no person at work. Like to get things done my way, quick and fast. This is why i need the acceleration to be quick when im in work mode. anything below 5.5secs simply wont cut it for me. I like the rush when im on to something, following up on an idea, going to a meeting, zipping thru traffic to get my sh*t done the way i want it to be done.

    The Evo and sti are my first choices. but the new sti looks like crap and the EVO 10 is going take a long time to be released as the sales guy is even clueless. i just want a cheap,reliable, heavy duty, sporty 4 seater that does 0-60 in <5.5 and can do 220km on a daily basis. Im open to tuning the car f it's been proven to be reliable.

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    Depends how much you want to spend, but from the VAG stable perhaps a chipped S3 (8P) or blown MK5 R32?

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    amir, i had a modded cooper S, its a fun car , but like mike said other than jcw kit , you will loose reliability . i also had on mine lsd, that was nice and useful. if you decide to go for the mini, get the "old" one ,you will find a lot of parts and mods for it.
    you could also mod a r32 or gti to 300hp

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    chipped s3, but it wont be as involving as the mini

    I would go for a Z4M!

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    z4m, i like. but i don't want to have 2 cars in the same category. Plus i vowed to never buy another bmw after the m6.

    VW GTI, feels like sh*t when you drive hard. If i buy it , im going to end up changing the suspension and a bunch of other things. Plus its FWD, id rather go with the mini.

    R32, ive never driven. HPA have a 370hp turbo program for it. I might consider if reliable and feels right

    S3, Never even considered. ill look into it asap


    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    The mini cooper S, is just something special, for me there is not another car, in its same price tag and horsepower, its exclusivity and different type of car from all the competitors....that said, performance is not that great at top speed(specially for your special requirements of use ) it really is as fun as a sportscar, its goes in curves like if it was a straight line, all the time you drive above 3.800rpm you hear the little supercharge it has, and it really reaches the rev-limiter very easily, it is an engine that when you really want to floor it it gives you all the potential it can give you, but when you are driving on long gears and you try to accelerate at max, withouth shifting it just lags a bit, therefore its necesarry to play with the gears just to put you a very big smile on your face...

    Another thing you should have in mind is that if you are going to buy a mini cooper S, and its going to be treated to the maximum without looking back, consumption will just grow considerably, and your visits to the petrol station will increase, due to its little fuel tank

    Just refuse to the idea of modding the car up to 300bhp, have read in some mini forums issues regarding engine problems, and specially quality of the products installed, it is a very little engine to put that amount of power...The only good modding you can do, is as we all know the John Cooper Works Kit, and in a very short period of time the new JW kit will be introduce in the new Mini model range.....

    One more thing, and I think you already imagined, if you are going to drive it as a daily car, you must have in mind, that back seats are sometimes a pain in the as! for the people that go with you, also space as you know is very limited....

    May be you should have in mind the new VW Golf R32, amazing sound, perfect daily driving, great space, great engine, great looks....

    Although a good second hand condition Mini Cooper S John Works, will safe you a lot of money vs the new R32, and definately would probably be more fun factor when driving on curves, and believe me its something special, the mini will give you something extra that the R32 wont give you.....and that its something I cant express with words!!!, may be its just me and my little mini obsession, or its pure marketing, but this car is well built, and gives you so many special sensations, that I would compare it to a porsche Boxster S, 911, or any other sportscar....and I am not exagerating!!!!!

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.

    However, if he is looking for something that's more of a straightline speed car, that can handle curves well if you throw them at it, maybe the R32 is a good idea. I've driven both, and actually prefer the R32 if it was at the same price, but it doesn't have the same soul as the Mini.

    But the R32 definitely has more power, and a better sound to it. Not to mention the tuning potential for high HP is better.

    So I guess I have to look at your situation a little differently, and I guess the R32 would be a better choice.
    (Plus, HPA doesn't just have a 370HP power program, they have one for something ridiculous like 600+ if you really feel the need )

    Re: mini cooper drivers. Input needed.



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