I promised to tell you about driving on snow with 20" rims and wintertyres.

In the meantime I did it for a whole week in St.Moritz.

My impressions:

The condition on the street was diffrent from day to day. First days on every street above all on mountain pass the snow was resting on the street. Traction was never a problem, I drove also in a frozen gravel-pit. If I switched the psm of I had a lot of oversteer. Not like an audi S6 wich has only over steer in the first or sometimes second gear. The cayenne was quite funny to drive...
So the 20" rim was convincing. But one day I had to break immediately and there was a lot of ice on the surface. Believe me, hell on earth, I tried to brake down, but there was no grip. I had a lot of luck, and nothing happend, no crash...Was it the weight of the car or the tyre?
Another day I washed the car, and after washing, I went out for a testdrive, also using the brakes. I wondered about the breakpower. It was impossible to brake hard or to block. Also after 3 times using the brakes to the maximum. Why? Because of the water on the disks and the temperature?

Completing my impressions, I have to say, that 20" wintertyres have enough performance to drive during swiss winters, also in the mountains. And that means a lot. And the car looks great and awesome.

greets michael