I know this might be a little bit off-topic but I heard this story today from a guy I met in the hotel lobby and I want to know from our US friends if this is true. Now here's the story: this guy works for a company who is affiliated to one of her sponsors. One Sponsor gave Jennifer Capriati a Ferrari (don't know model, sorry) as a gift and she couldn't handle the power of the car. So what did she do ? She spent big money to "downtune" (YES) the power of her Ferrari by almost half. Is this true or just a hoax ? The guy I met was pretty serious about it and he said that he knows other VIPs who downtuned their cars or even modified their cars to be able to use the manual shifter. I'm very curious: why would somebody buy a Ferrari and downtune it ?! How can these people "destroy" a nice setup ?