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    Tires and speeds over 200 mph

    If we didn't mention it, we do it now:
    the 996 Turbo we videotaped with 341 kph (212 mph) is street legal in Germany. Means: it is safe to drive it at topspeed on the Autobahn.
    And: the car didn't run on it's OEM tires/rims, just for the book.

    Here is a list of cars with a top speed of over 200 mph:
    RUF 996 Turbo R
    Carrera GT
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari 575 M
    Not to forget about the tuned 996 Turbos driving around in Germany, some of them even with legal top speeds of over 350 kph.

    Yes, tires are an issue. But if there weren't tires to take the stress of 200 mph+, there wouldn't be a RUF 996 Turbo R, no Carrera GT, no 575 M, no...

    Conclusion: tires are NO issue.

    Re: Tires and speeds over 200 mph

    That was what I was exactly thinking about, the tires. But just for the record what kind of tires would withstand that kind of speed? I'm sure it also depends on the environment temperature too, doesn't it?

    Re: Tires and speeds over 200 mph

    Here are only a few tires good for speeds over 200 mph (depends on the car, wheel, suspension setup and aerodynamics - these tires get a special manufacturer certification for certain cars in certain sizes, they are NOT generally certified for that speed):
    - Yokohama AVS Sport 19''
    - Michelin Pilot Sport N0 18''
    - Pirelli P-Zero Rosso N3 18''
    - Pirelli P-Zero 19''

    The list is even bigger.
    Tires are no problem anymore, as long as you don't run speeds way over 340-350 kph.
    The upcoming Bugatti Veyron will run speeds over 400 kph, one reason why the tires are an issue and no customer did get a car yet.
    Technology improves and so do tires.

    Very important is also the weight of the car:

    AMG apparently had problems to find and certify a tire for speeds over 300 kph on the new SL55 AMG. So they limit the SL55 electronically to 300 kph, even if the real top speed would be a bit over 320 kph. I've been told that the excessive weight of the SL55 had a lot to do with the tire speed clearance, not only aerodynamics issues (as on the SLK 32 AMG).

    Worth to mention:
    as one can read in our german language NEWS section, the tire company NOKIAN offers now a winter tire with a 270 kph (169 mph) top speed approval. As I said: tire technology improves, unfortunately driver skills don't always.

    A last word from me, read this from BRABUS' website:

    In reply to:
    With the BRABUS E V12 and the BRABUS T V12, BRABUS offer the fastest sedan or the fastest station wagon all over the world for the car enthusiast who loves the very special. Two of the most fascinating high performance cars ever made which don't stint with superlatives: In meticulous precision work they have integrated the 582 hp / 428,3 kW BRABUS 7.3S V12 engine based on the Mercedes 600 into the engine compartment.

    Both cars are able to sprint in 4,9 seconds from 0 - 100 km/h. The sedan is electronically restricted to a maximum speed of 330 km/h while the estate car is 320 km/h fast.

    The editors of the Guinness Book of Records appointed the BRABUS E V12 to be the world's fastest street legal saloon and the BRABUS T V12 to be the world's fastest street legal station wagon.

    So let me see: if 330 kph (206 mph) in a limousine with 300 kg surplus of weight are street legal with certified tires, why should it be dangerous in a 996 Turbo?!

    Case closed.

    Yes, but ...

    As I recently proved, even tyres that are being operated within their limits can fail. I wonder what it would have been like to handle a blow-out at that speed? I wonder if it would have been as easy to deal with as my own blow-out. Somehow I doubt it.

    Which is not to say that you did anything wrong. Just that at any speed over 300 km/h I would be very consious of the tyres. I really doubt I would feel comfortable relaxing, chattng on the phone and sipping my Coke (from the nice little cup holder they now provide) at those speeds.


    Blow-out at 280 km/h

    FixedWing, some years ago I have had a blow-out at 280 km/h with my Alpina B10 V8. It was a rear tire and the blow-out was caused by a nail. Later the tire began to burn.

    It IS possible to handle the car. But I don't need to have that again.

    With all my respect, Stephen but...

    ... are you serious about that?

    In reply to:
    even tyres that are being operated within their limits

    I had one blown tire and two punctured tires on my ways to and from Eastern Europe. I NEVER had a blown or punctured tire in my entire life in Germany.
    Last time I've been to Romania, even our ML55 wasn't good enough to withstand the road conditions. It felt like driving on grave pavel. And you drove this route (and even worse ones) in a sports car, a 996 Turbo.

    You have balls, my friend. Lots of them.
    Can't wait to enjoy the Silk Route Cayenne project with you in the future. Even if it is still pure fantasy.

    Grave pavel? Oh boy, my English... even worse than I though.

    Let's try pebbles or debris instead.
    Sorry guys, buy me an English class for Christmas.

    Re: Blow-out at 280 km/h

    I really was impressed at how easy it was to deal with the blowout on the Turbo at 200 km/h. I was almost wondering whether I should bother stopping.

    Seriously, I think that the width and low profile on these tyres makes it a lot easier. It is more likely that the rim will retain the tyre for longer.

    I suspect it would be more difficult on an older higher profile tyre. I also think it would be more difficult on a front tyre.

    But in the end I guess it is a lot of luck. I still think about what would have happened had I been cornering hard at speed in that tyre (as I was an hour previous). Well I know full well what would have happened.


    Re: Blow-out at 280 km/h

    A car with a blow-out at the front axle is not as difficult to handle as with a blow-out at the rear axle. The instability of the rear makes it very difficult to hold the car straight.



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