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    See, Porsches ARE green!!

    From the Guardian UK:

    Things to make you go hmm: 60% of all Porsches still on the road

    There's a meme going around that more than half of all the Porsches built are still going. True? Provable? And if it is true, would that be good news for the environment?

    According to this speech (which basically says that climate change and other rubbish problems can be put at the door - or at least squeezed through the letterbox - of designers), 60% of all the Porsche cars built are still on the road. Does that mean that they're the most environmentally sustainable cars? Even if they burn up a ton of fuel, if they remain in use for a very long time then that must mean that the total carbon footprint (which has to take in mining, smelting, manufacturing, plus of course driving) is less than if you buy a car, scrap or sell it and then buy another. (This meme is also taken up at Autoblog Green, which notes that

    If you peruse any listings of sports cars for sale you will find plenty of Porsches from the '50s, '60s and '70s available. While this may well be true for classic 356s and 911s, in the future the picture may well change as it seems unlikely that enthusiasts will have much demand for 30-40 year old Cayennes. Or indeed 926s. Or is it 924s? Whichever the ugly one was. (928?) Anyway, the UK Car site has more information about Porsches than you're ever likely to want to know, but does suggest (on a speed reading which still took some minutes) that the company makes about 40,000 cars every year. That's a lot of cars - if this 60% figure is at all correct. We might assign this to "unproven but possible". Still, the idea of something you buy once and use forever is a good one, ecologically speaking. Is that true of anything else you own? Your computer, say?

    Re: See, Porsches ARE green!!

    Surely long life is better than a short one environmentally, so your point is excellent.

    As to why the long life, I can think of three factors off the top; one, the starting quality of P-cars, two the passion of their owners to maintain them well (far more than for average cars) but perhaps most importantly, the reality that while there are certainly exclusive use daily driven Porsches, the majority are likely used as secondary cars hence have relatively low annual mileage.

    If it is at least partly true that Porsches are "sheltered" by many owners who have more utilitarian vehicles for city/winter etc. daily driving, then the enviromental footprint argument should in fairness take into account the other vehicles as well, not just the one that gets babied... but seriously, the complexity of environmental impact arguments like this makes one wonder if any of this is remotely proveable.

    Re: See, Porsches ARE green!!

    i wonder whos second and third in this trend of how many cars vs. produced are still on the streets



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