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    Full leather

    Porsche newbie here. Had a long interest in the Corvette C6, then made the mistake of test-driving a Cayman S. In 20 minutes I was a grinning convert. So now I'm taking a cram course in everything Porsche prior to ordering a Cayman. The base car looks very appealing -- bi-xenons, sport shifter, sport wheel, sport chrono, maybe a rear wiper, silver/black. I like the simplicity of the manual seat, but I find the power seat more comfortable, although it may only be because it gets a position I'm more accustomed to in my current car, not one that's actually better. Anyway, I'm now looking at leather. Appearance-wise, the base interior is great, really just fine. The big advantage of leather, it seems to me, is its durability. It doesn't scratch, scuff, mar, and it's uniform everywhere; you don't have three or four different synthetic surfaces wearing and aging differently. Leather ages beautifully. I imagine putting it on the dash, doors and center console, which gets a lot of wear. Problem is, it's expensive. But this car will be my daily driver (tough assignment, I know, but someone has to do it). So you drivers who have the leather -- especially if you've had it a long time -- talk to me. How is it doing? How is it to clean? And so on.

    Re: Full leather

    Deep breaths! Take your time over the options list - it's one of the most enjoyable bits of ordering. Try lots of different options, with long test drives for the seats and suspension choices especially. And have fun!

    Can't say too much for the long-term wear of the leather. I have only had mine 10 months, and it looks pretty new, save from some small impressions on the drivers seat from 12k miles. I have to say that the leather is good quality leather (contrast with the 'leather' in some mainstream sedans). However it will scratch if you're not careful. I have a small scratch on the top of the steering wheel, and I can feel it whenever I drive.

    Welcome to the forum BTW

    Re: Full leather

    Full leather does elevate the interior to a different degree....but in the long run it still will require more maintenance than the standard vinyl. In order for it to look good over the years you will need to condition it once in a while, protect it from the sun, etc.

    I like it on mine very much.

    Re: Full leather

    You don't NEED full leatehr for resale - the plastic quality on the 987/Kman/997 is much better than the 986/996 previous generation.

    I guess its a case of if you don't choose it you don't miss it, but once you've had it it seems a step backwards not to spec it again - the leather around the door handle can mark easily from fingernails - these are not permanent marks but look a bit scruffy until you wipe them over. You wouldn't get this with the plastic door trim.

    Also full leather is comprehensive but not everything - centre console, sunvisors, steering column and door entry sections can be further optioned in leather (at $$$$).

    If you fancy the sand beige interior then you really need the full leather option, the plastics don't look very good in this colour for some reason - with the other interior colours, its purely down to personal preference and how much you blow your budget on other extras !

    At the end of the day you sit in the car and look at the dashboard all the time, which perhaps is a reason to upgrade the interior in favour of soemthing more hidden away.

    Re: Full leather

    I personally much prefer the full leather, but it is not essential. I agree with percy that it is more impactful in the sand beige interior. It takes an already nice interior and really makes it sumptuous. Pricey, but for me well worth it. Certainly not a good bang for the buck for everyone.

    Re: Full leather

    mark34 said:
    I personally much prefer the full leather, but it is not essential. I agree with percy that it is more impactful in the sand beige interior. It takes an already nice interior and really makes it sumptuous. Pricey, but for me well worth it. Certainly not a good bang for the buck for everyone.

    Seen a Boxster (987S) without full leather in black. The platsic dash looks really good and if you want to save some money I would do it here. The lighter colors like sand/beige I would also order full leather.

    Re: Full leather

    I dont have the full leather on my cayenne & i dont miss it much (mine is havana/sand beiege interior). Since the dash is so big (compared to the sports cars), i felt that any marks/scratches on leather would make the interior look bad. Furthermore, i also worried about leather coming off the dash in the long run due to the sun (i presume the leather its glued to the dash).

    On the Cayman i did order the full leather, primarily due to my color choice of Terracotta. If you go for full leather, i recommend you choose Terracotta or Cocoa Brown as these are distinguised colors. No point in ordering a full leather interior in a color that is also available in normal interior, IMHO.

    If you get the full leather, i would also recommend having your wind shield tinted with clear, transparent film, such as v-kool. It should help reflect some harmful rays without blocking the light.



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