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    Tiptronic S problem

    I usually drive my C4S Tip in manual mode. I have noticed that after driving the car for about 1 hour, the tiptronic gear lever becomes loose and moves freely between the M and D positions. After the car has cooled for a few hours, the lever is again solid, 'clicking' in place between M and D when pushed.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and do you know the cause/solution? Thanks

    Re: Tiptronic S problem

    may i ask whats the milage on your car right now???

    in break in period.. or new car condition.. the tiptronic shifter is usually "locked solid"

    in my experience.. after putting around 5000km on the should start getting loosen...

    Re: Tiptronic S problem

    Thanks Malmsteen.

    The car has 10,000km. Past break in period. Yes I agree that the tiptronic lever should lock solid in M and D positions and usually does (my 986 Tip has 60,000km and is still solid). But - with the 997 C4S, the lever has started to do this recently. It's not just a little looser - it suddenly becomes completely floppy between M and D after 1 hour driving. When I try to push to M, there is a click sound but it does not lock in place. When the car has cooled in a couple of hours, it goes to normal.

    Do you know what is the 'locking mechanism' at each of the gear lever postions and is this sensitive to temperature?

    The car is under warranty, but I'm trying to avoid taking it in if possible as I expect the interior and rear centre console will have to be stripped down

    Thanks for your interest and help.

    Re: Tiptronic S problem


    I had my C2S Tiptronic into the dealer for a warranty repair, which required that the entire selector mechanism was replaced. They managed it without problems, and it went back in OK. You would never guess that it had been disturbed now.

    My fix was for the ignition key problem - the electronics weren't correctly detecting the selector was in position 'P', and hence the key could not be removed from the dash.

    Your problem sounds pretty abnormal - I do find that my selector takes more effort when cold, but your's sounds like it needs replacing.

    I'd take it in under warranty if I were in your position.


    Re: Tiptronic S problem


    Thanks very much for your helpful post. You're right - this is abnormal and needs to be rectified under warranty. I'm sure they will do it OK but I guess I'm just not looking forward to them working on the car's interior in case they cause any damage.

    There must be some Tiptronic problems with the 997. When I first took delivery of my car, one of the manual gear switches on the steering wheel didn't work and was replaced under warranty.

    I'm also in London. Can I ask - did you have your work done in West London (where I bought mine) or another London OPC? Were you happy with the work?



    Re: Tiptronic S problem


    I had my work done at Porsche East London. I'm happy with their service department - they've always done the job for me. Naturally cost is an issue for non-warranty stuff, but that's the case for any OPC. I use PCEL because it's closest to where I live, and most convenient for getting back into work after dropping the car off.


    Re: Tiptronic S problem

    I have a similar problem as when the car is driven more than an hour or so the gear level becomes extremely hard to move between D and R and N. THey have already changed it once as there was a recall on them.

    Re: Tiptronic S problem

    Thanks Gaz and Journeyman. That's very helpful.

    Journeyman - I'm intersted to hear that there was a recall. Was it for 997 Tip gear selector levers? Do you know what the problem was? It sounds as if 3 of us here have had some slightly different problems.

    It sounds as if your problem is still not resolved? Sorry to hear about that. I hope it is soon fixed.


    Re: Tiptronic S problem

    sorry bhr not to have used your correct name in my last post!




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