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    996tt strange brake noise, whilst applying brakes

    Ok - I have seen these posts before as well and think that it so obvious as to what the problem is, this one however has got me stumped.

    I have a 996 tt, it has done roughly 6k miles, it does not get used that often but when it does it is driven a fair distance (say 100 miles) probably once a week at the least.

    When I wash the car I always dry the brakes again by driving it around for a short blast to dry them out.

    When I leave the car in the garage, which is heated, I do not leave the Handbrake on.

    So it came as a bit of a surprise to me when I applied the brakes yesterday when out on a bit of a blat, that they are making a strange noise. I will attempt to describe it... it is like a pulsating drum brake noise, if that makes any sense.

    I have visually checked (in a manner which means I do not get too grubby) the pads and discs on all four wheels and they all look pukka and show no obvious marks.

    Needless to say, the car does not have a very hard life so I will be amazed if the noise is down to wear and tear.

    Anyone on here have any ideas... before I give it to the OPC.

    I have also tried to be aggressive with the brakes (in an italian tune up kind of way)to see if that cured it but sadly no joy.

    Re: 996tt strange brake noise, whilst applying brakes

    It almost sounds like when the ABS engages and starts pulsing

    Re: 996tt strange brake noise, whilst applying brakes

    I know what you mean but it is not the ABS. No pulsing felt through the pedal, and it kind of sounds like knackered brakes but I would be amazed if this were the case as they have barely been used.

    Re: 996tt strange brake noise, whilst applying brakes

    The pads are probably glazed. Does it do at all speeds or just at low speed and specially after warming up a bit? OPC will chage discs and pads I just take the wheels off, the pads and use a sand paper (iron not aluminium based since this will melt and imbed the rotors) to remove the glazing on both the discs AND pads. Its an old trick from racing.

    Re: 996tt strange brake noise, whilst applying brakes

    OK, thanks for the advice... I rang my OPC and the service technician suggested that I do the following, based upon what I told him over the phone...

    Find a nice stretch of quiet road and do some really heavy braking from a reasonable speed... do this as many times as you can... until the noise goes away. He was basing this action upon what he thought might be contaminated discs through inadequate use and based upon the weather we are having at the moment.

    Kiko, the brakes work perfectly and still have massive stopping power but when I brake lightly at low speeds for just slowing down that is when they are at their loudest. It is a pulsating noise which slows down in turn with the revolutions of the wheels.

    I have visually re-checked the discs and they appear fine, the OPC did say that the likely service of the disc to be affected was the inside surface (facing the driveshafts).

    Thanks again chaps for all your comments. I feel loathed to pay for something that I have not worn out or had my use out of yet.

    Re: 996tt strange brake noise, whilst applying brakes

    Have you checked the inside pads.

    Is the noise from the front or back, try applying the handbrake to see if its the rear which is making the noise?

    you could also have grit stuck inbetween the pad and the discs.

    Only other thing is to jack up each wheel, preferbly one at a time and have someone to press the brake pedel while you spin the wheel....

    you either have worn out pads, or there is some grit stuck on them..

    try getting the jet wash on them that should remove any grit..

    Re: 996tt strange brake noise, whilst applying brakes

    Mine do exactly the same... Theu only do that when hot. Do you track the car or do serious stopping? If your pads are not worn what you have is an irregular pad deposit on the inside face of the discs with will only come out after a re-surface...

    Re: 996tt strange brake noise, whilst applying brakes

    Ah while on the subject of brakes, i've read on a brake manufacturers website i think it was pagid's, that after braking extremely hard mostly on the track but also on the street..

    That if you keep your foot on the brake pedal you can warp the discs and cook the pads, so when your racing about and come to a stop dont leave your foot on the brakes...

    even going to work in your normal motor may benifit from this, brakes get very hot so it cant do the pads and the discs much good being sandwiched together, if it doesnt warp the discs it could screw the pads up making them not last as long as they should!



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