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    Targa - is it a sin?

    So ...
    Since we're coming out of the warm weather season here on the East Coast and the convertibles are slowly going on discount, I'm actually considering picking up a Targa.

    I just like the fact that I can have a quasi 911 convertible without ruining the lines and have a somewhat useable trunk.

    Thoughts, opinions from the Porsche experts. I never see much on here about the old "T".


    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    Having a 2006 C2S cab, I would now consider the targa. If performance is not as important to you, because the car is heavy considering that it is a 4wd, and the targa. Then get it. I think it would be nice to have a targa.

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    All out performance is not a concern for me. I mean let's all be realistic here ... you'll be lucky if you ever use more then 70% of the 911's true performance envelope in 90% of your everyday driving.

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    I just think the Targas are beautiful. I've ridden in one a couple of times and seeing the blue sky through the glass just puts me into a trance.

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    I like driving with the top down but I'm not a big fan of sports cars without a proper roof. So the Targa is something like the best of both worlds for me. You still have the beautiful roofline of the 911, but the Targa roof opens far more than the standard sunroof for example.
    And the glass roof also gives you a very airy feeling in the cabin, even when it is closed. I like that very much.
    Last but not least the separate opening mechanism of the rear window gives good access to the space behind the seats, which can be very helpful if you use it as a luggage compartment.

    To make things short, I think my next 911 will be a Targa.

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?


    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    Welcome Heist to the targa world
    About 9 months ago, I wrote a comment on Rennteam about the driving of the targa 4S. HERE
    Today, after driving 19'000 km with this wonderful car, I would not change a word to this comment.
    Have fun

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    hmmm favorable opinions thus far. thanks.

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    Yeah, it's an excellent choice ( a very close 2nd to a cab). I'd own one if I lived in DC/ east coast.

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    I sold my 996 Targa in November 06 and there is not a single day where I don't miss it.

    I would just love to add that because of the "hatch", the rear space is very usable. If you want I can show you how many pieces of luggage I was able to fit into the car !!!

    Unfortunately the Targa is a slow seller.
    I don't have world sales numbers yet, but for the past fiscal year (Aug 06 - Jul 07) in North America (US+CAN)

    Targa 4 : 209 units
    Targa 4S: 384 units
    TOTAL: 583 units

    The Targa has been available in the US only since Nov 06 (9 month only)

    In the meantime Porsche sold 13,222 997.

    Targa approx 4.4% of total sales !!!

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    That's probably why there is no TT targa. Too bad.

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    For the 996 the Targa represented less than 3.0% (2.9% precisely) of total sales.

    FY 01-02: 2,470
    FY 02-03: 2,100
    FY 03-04: 456
    FY 04-05: 81
    FY 05-06: 1
    TOTAL: 5,108

    Total production for the 996: 178,240 units

    Re: Targa - is it a sin?

    Love the cab!!



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