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    GSM Phone for USA

    The integrated cell phone for the 997 is not available in the USA. (They have this tacky phone on a pedistal thing) I am planning to buy the phone (original equipment from England) and install it. I then plan to use a SIM card from the USA. HAs anyone tried this. I want an intergral system I can use with the PCM. Thank for your help.


    Re: GSM Phone for USA

    Option 666 GSM phone is available in the USA, How do I know, I have one and am very pleased with it's performance, as are the reviews by others who have this option.
    Someone has been feeding you bad info.

    Typical Porsche dealer - has NO IDEA what they are talking

    about - It's REALLY PATHETIC.. How do these dealers get away with having SO LITTLE knowledge....

    Re: GSM Phone for USA

    What is the option 666? Does your phone work with the PCM and show phone numbers there? Also does the phone work with the multifunction steering wheel on the 997? Thanks for your help.

    Re: GSM Phone for USA

    Option 666 is the GSM phone module $960 (avail since 11/04)
    Phone module for PCM allows users with a GSM phone to Insert a SIM card and use the PCM as a hands-free telephone.
    Multi-function steering wheel can control functions of phone

    Numbers can be called up on PCM screen or on the OBC (under tach).
    If you don't have the MF wheel the phone is controlled by the obc stalk.

    Re: GSM Phone for USA

    Hi jkelly MD:

    Please check this thread out. I LOVE my integrated GSM phone...the only thing that would be better is Bluetooth...

    GSM thread

    Re: GSM Phone for Canada

    My local dealer has told me that the integrated phone is not available as an add option for Canada. This makes no sense to me as the US/Canadian GSM systems are identical. Has anyone from Canada have the integrated phone installed yet?

    Re: GSM Phone for Canada

    Tequipment P/N for GSM phone module is 997.044.900.71 + a specific optical waveguide. Labor to install is 4.6 hrs. This is from TSB 2/05 9155.
    and comes from PCNA.
    Is there a Canadian difference, I would not think so.

    Re: GSM Phone for Canada

    I do not think there is a Canadian difference as the phone systems are identical between the US and Canada. It is either Porsche has not certified the phone in canada with the Canadian equivalent of the FCC or the dealers just do not want the trouble of doing the installation. I am going to give Porsche customer service a call and see what they have to say. If necessary, I could just drive down to New Hamshire or Boston and have it installed.

    Anyone have any dealer recommendations in the New Hamshire or Boston area for this type of work?



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