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    Is my exhaust louder, (better) because it's an '02

    or because it's got the X50 option? What is, if anything, different about the X50 equipped car's exhaust compared to the standards tt's? Or is this an across the model line exhaust change for '02 tt's?
    BTW, I am very close to full breakin now, and have just now once ran the lower 4 gears to redline. What fabuloso sound this engine makes in the upper rev range! Such a ROAR! Just when I think I've got the shifting figured out to be smooth, I realise my shifting in the upper rpm range needs a lot of work! Not sure if I let the R's drop too low, or if they remained too high, but my clutch release needs a lot more practice in this rev range. All this happened SO quickly.

    Yes and more ...

    Well, it certainly has something to do with X50.
    The "bigger" turbo chargers and the modified exhaust system are one reason.
    But ... as many people might not know ... Porsche changed the exhaust sound on all US specs models starting with MY 2002. This means that US cars actually have a better sound than ROW cars, no kidding. First time ever that US models have a clear advantage over the ROW models.

    Even the ROW cars have a throatier sound starting with MY 2002 ... unfortunately this apparently applies only to the 996 normally aspirated cars.

    Re: Is my exhaust louder, (better) because it's an '02

    RC is right it has to do with the X50..I did not expect my x50 for this roar at the last 500rpm,I don't say its the best sound but I kind of like it in long tunnels...but we all know tunnel- sound checks are for other cars...........enjoy

    X50 driving impressions

    hi SKS,
    How do you compare your X50 to a standard turbo?
    In terms of driving impressions.

    Re: Yes and more ...

    RC, can you explain what IS different about the exhaust to make it sound different from the standard tt? tia

    Re: X50 driving impressions

    Well my 1st impression compared to the regular turbo is,I can feel more torque in all ranges & feel the hop in the peak power in the upper revs.(you can feel more contrast in the power curve,normal turbo is more flat&smooth)I really feel the big torque when I see 1.0 boost which is the overshoot boost(max consective boost is0.9),as you will not expierience this big torque on regular turbo,you feel the torque more than its +30hp,which is right..i think it should be like that,for an example, if your'e on the autobahn here in Germany,you will only need 6th gear,which will easilly bring you up to top speed&accelerate from any where you can be lazy or stick your ears in each handy which i sometimes am forced to do.But as it has been discussed alot on this forum the 6th gear is too short.321km/h is my top speed.rightafter that you will be hitting the rev limit on the 6th gear which is 6900.another thing what i don't like about is 2nd&3rd's too far away..but this is do to all turbo's.



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