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    I am curious about the Nurburgring. I've seen many lap videos in various cars and i'm amazed at this stunning track. Using google earth I was able to find it ( deg N, deg E [Eye alt: 10.5 Mi])

    I've attached an image that i drew what i assumed to be the ring and wanted clarification on that. On this page: (Bottom of page: Porsche 956 in Nurburgring track) there's a video (100Mb+ warning) with commentary of the track which i found very useful when used with the image to understand the track more as a person who hasn't been there.
    I just thought i'd share my find. Also would someone be able to add text over the image showing the landmarks and famous parts of the course?

    Re: Nurburgring

    There are several pages about the Nürburgring on the net - don't have my computer with me right now. Have to look it up later...

    What I find at least as much interesting as the North circuit are the story and remainder of the South loop (part of it is on the area of the later established GP circuit).

    So when do you intend to visit?

    Re: Nurburgring

    Ferdie said:
    So when do you intend to visit?

    As soon as possible.
    But unfortunately i'm a full time student-working towards my porsche. I figured though that if i can find the right girl i could convince her to go to the 'ring for the honeymoon. If not maybe i'll get a porsche sooner than i think and i could do the factory delivery.
    Either way I have 2 goals in life- Drive the ring and break the 200mile/hr mark.

    Re: Nurburgring

    Thanks, have tried to find it myself on Google earth but might need to get glasses. Anyone got the coordinates for Spa?


    Re: Nurburgring

    schmuy said:
    Either way I have 2 goals in life- Drive the ring and break the 200mile/hr mark.

    Achieved the one thing, came close to the 2nd.

    Honeymoon? That might take a while until you find the right girl. You'd look for another soution during that time...

    Re: Nurburgring

    Spa tis- eye alt 18000 ft
    Basically search Spa, Belgium and its a bit south east of the town. There should be some "i" markers highlighting it

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