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    Gallardo Price

    Just had the Paris Lambo dealer on the phone (very nice guy BTW)
    The car's price in France is Euro 143500 Tax incl, which is IMHO a very very competitive price
    If you compare it to the Turbo and 360, especially the latter which it is targeting.
    Same price but 100 hp more and german reliability and finish as an extra bonus, great
    If the order is placed now, the car is yours early november (Man, was I tempted ) and there will be a Gallardo in the showroom early June, I'll be there

    Re: Gallardo Price


    interesting info -- but i personally think that the gallardo is looking way too teutonic. i love german engineering and Q/A skills, but where's the legandary aggressive italian lamborghini design? and the car's sticker is 20K over the 360's -- if it's only about the 500 HP, i'd get them cheaper at AMG. and if it's about fascination, the modena is still my #1 choice.

    are you thinking about ordering one? let alone the points i mentioned above, i think it's an interesting car and i'm curious about it's street presence.

    Re: Gallardo Price

    I wish my friend I wish
    Is the 360 20K cheaper? Didn't know that.
    And I know the Turbo is cheaper but that's counting without Porsche's disgusting option policy, IMO a nice great Turbo needs Euro 15000 of options (that includes the 450hp powerkit)
    No plans of ordering for now, I am however looking forward:
    -To read the fist roadtests and Rennteamer's impressions (hopefully they'll be plenty of the latter )
    -To see it in the flesh next june.

    Re: Gallardo Price

    Is the 360 20K cheaper? Didn't know that.

    hmm actually i have no idea about pricing in france, but in germany the modena's base price is 125.000 EUR.

    buw i guess that the modificata coming in 2004 (450 HP expected) will be priced around 135.000 minimum.

    IMO a nice great Turbo needs Euro 15000 of options (that includes the 450hp powerkit)

    you are right. this is really the downside of porsches -- even because all the options aren't rewarded when you are reselling the car. a ferrari (and i guess the lambo as well) doesn't need any options. maybe the racing seats or the F1 transmission, but that's about it.



    Re: Gallardo Price


    If you would like to order one order it in the U.S. I'll do you a favor and take the delivery of it for you when you come here you would have a car to drive

    Plenty of Gallardo Pics

    For Lambo lovers,

    Re: Plenty of Gallardo Pics

    complete german prizelist with options

    I made a decision

    My next sports car will be the Lamborghini Gallardo.
    The price tag of 139500 EUR in Germany (incl. tax) is highly competitive, the design is spectacular.
    This is a car you buy and keep your whole life.

    I hope we'll see something more powerful in 3 years or so, I will surely opt for it...if Porsche doesn't come out with something more spectacular.

    If the Gallardo is as good (or even better) as the Murcielago on the track, it will be a bestseller.

    Re: I made a decision


    Re: I made a decision

    I knew you couldn't help staying away from sports cars .

    Good choice

    Too early for congratulations, guys...

    ...three years are a very long time and a lot of things can happen. Maybe I'm still waiting for that 997 Turbo with a spectacular design and a 800 HP quad-turbo engine.

    Re: Too early for congratulations, guys...

    Maybe I'm still waiting for that 997 Turbo with a spectacular design and a 800 HP quad-turbo engine.

    I thought it was 925 HP

    Re: Gallardo Price

    What is the 360 modificata??? is it a rumour or it is a fact?? How come ferrari making a Challenge Stradale and after a yaer a Modificata??? (same performance orientated versions)

    Re: I made a decision

    Three years
    No no no Christian, get your act together man,
    Cancel the E55AMG, sell the Porsche, sell the M Class, sell the SLK, get a mini cooper S, and CALL LAMBO RIGHT NOW

    Re: I made a decision

    You speak my language my man but if I ever did such a thing my wife would ask me to move into my car

    Re: I made a decision

    You speak my language my man but if I ever did such a thing my wife would ask me to move into my car

    Ron, trust me: my wife would ask me to do the same.

    Francois, I'm happy I have a tolerant wife. She actually never put any pressure on me to sell my sports car. But I came to the conclusion that a super sports car sitting in my garage doesn't satisfy me too much. I'm a driver, not a collector. I need power when driving, no matter if I drive alone or with the family. This is part of my soul, I can't do anything against it.
    So wait until you're married and have two children and then we talk again. Be happy if you're be "allowed" to drive a E 55. I have a friend who drives a BMW 530 d station wagon now because his wife made him sell his Porsche AND his M5 after they married and after they got the first child. He's not that happy now and his wife repeatedly asked my wife how she "allows" me to drive a Porsche when I have a family. My wife is always very upset when this woman talks to her and so our relationship has cooled down pretty much. Well, maybe it has to do with the fact that my wife's car is a SLK 32 AMG and she loves sports cars.

    So be very careful when you choose your future wife, it might be a decision affecting a lot more than you think.

    To avoid misunderstanding: I'm happily married and we're awaiting our second child. It is a wonderful time but only because my wife accepts my hobbies. It would be hell if she wouldn't.

    Re: I made a decision

    So be very careful when you choose your future wife, it might be a decision affecting a lot more than you think.

    I have to chuckle at this RC, because the girl I currently have affection for loves sports cars, but the SL is still her favorite. Is it coincidence that in the past, the girls I have been interested in like sports cars?

    Looking to settle down,

    Re: Gallardo Price

    no its actually a fact that there will be successor/modificata to the 360 modena. probably named 420M. it'll get a modified version of the V8 which is currently installed in the maserati. i already ordered one, btw

    it's not so unusual for ferrari to bring a special model, in this case the challenge stradale, at the end of a production run. e.g. the 550 barchetta was introduced about one year before the 575M arrived.

    Re: I made a decision

    Yep, I agree, family before everything which is why it is an extremely important decision.
    Fair enough then.
    It's all about balance,
    I respect your point about supercars sitting in the garage though Christian, but how is this going to be different in three years with a Gallardo or a 2550 hp 997 Quad Turbo?

    Re: I made a decision

    IMO the problem is that girlfriends/wifes always fear that with a nice sports car their fiancee is TOO attractive to other women... and that they think this is also the main reason for a guy to drive such a car, that he's a poseur.

    on the other hand, i'm addicted to sports cars. they are not perfectly family compatible-- SO WHAT? as long as the family doesn't have to suffer from it. it's me, it's my personality. if you take it away from me, it wouldn't be me any more.

    RC: do you really like the gallardo? IMO it's too audi-ish, too german, not lambo any more. even the wheels look like they are more influenced by the X5's 19" or the opel OPC alloys than the legendary lamborghini alloy designs. i personally would rather get a used murcielago in some years time... wing doors, V12, twin pipe exhaust -- all the good ingredients IMO a lambo needs to have.

    but i love the tech specs, no doubt about them. the gallardo's weight-to-power ratio is even better than the murci's.

    Re: I made a decision


    I respect your point about supercars sitting in the garage though Christian, but how is this going to be different in three years with a Gallardo or a 2550 hp 997 Quad Turbo?

    Well, this is easy: both children will be in kindergarden or school, my mother will take the kids at the weekend because she plans to stop working and me and my wife will have more time to spend time together without the kids. Right now it is impossible to leave our daughter with my parents for a whole day because she starts crying and asks for mom and dad.

    So yes, in a few years things will be different.

    Regarding zzboba and the Gallardo: yes, it is a little bit too much Audi but before I make a final decision, I have to see the Gallardo. I always had a philosophy: I don't care about the brand or the name of the car but I look at performance. If VW builds a V10 with 600 HP and a weight of 1300 kg and maybe a nice body, I'd buy it. Honestly. I never bought cars because of the name. The only reason I've chosen the E 55 is the fact that there is no competitor at this price tag.
    I'll never take the E 55 to the track (would be ridiculous in my eyes ), so I wanted the best possible straight line performance available in a family car. And if this is not enough: german Tuners offer 560 HP and 620 HP kits for the E 55 with a top speed of 320 kph. I guess this is enough for a family car, don't you think so?
    My E 55 comes with the raised speed limit to 300 kph, this should be enough too. Many sports cars out there don't run 300 kph, including the 360 Modena and the 996.

    Re: I made a decision

    i personally am a lot heritage driven. i would not adore a ferrari which is beeing manufactured at a plant in e. g. wolfsburg. bentley continental GT, lamborghini gallardo, porsche cayenne... those cars are not real for me. it's mainly just the badge, but the spirit is missing.

    i remember the introduction of the murcielago. all the lambo and audi execs told that this is a real lamborghini and audi did only help with QA and some fine tuning. but now? i hear nothing like this-- because it's an audi and they only could tell lies! and if it's not important, why have they told such stories when the murcielago was beeing introduced?

    IMO ferrari still keeps the spirit alive, also porsche does it with it's zuffenhausen-produced 996 range. would you love a 996TT as much as you do if it the company would e. g. be under renault control and the car would be produced at the renault plant and would look a little megane-ish? IMO BMW did a great job with the RR phantom, which really kept the RR heritage. but VW's bentley on the other hand... hmm not a real bentley i would say. let's not forget -- we are talking about cars here, which do cost a lot. they cost way to much. so i want something more than just specs. i want HISTORY. i want EMOTION.

    some months ago there were rumours that due to time and quality problems the SLR will not be produced at mclaren's paragon plant but instead at AMG in germany -- i've heard of some designated SLR owners who were not pleased at all.

    why is the gallardo missing wing doors? why is it silly short? why does the exhaust system look like it's stolen from the carrera GT? man, the gallardo could have been so nice, the specs are really awesome. but IMO audi had no guts.

    where are the cars designed by petrolheads!?!


    PS. i'm going to pick up an AMG SL55 for a test drive on wednesday. i'm really CURIOUS about the torque!!

    Re: I made a decision

    You guys represent the extremes and I feel like I fit in between
    Again, it's the whole package which has to be attractive.
    The badge (incl. history, image, etc.) is important as much as the specs for me.
    For example, the Opel speedster is a great car (even better now with 200hp for only 850kgs) but it doesn't sell bc it's an Opel.
    Same with the Phaeton and to a lesser extent the Avantime, good cars but for the same price, you'd get an A8, S-class or BMW 7 wouldn't you? (or a 5 series instead of the Renault)
    now if the car is really exectionnal, ie, if VW would have produced its W12 for the same price as the 360, humm, I'd call it a tough call.
    I think Donckervolke has done a good job with the Gallardo, but again, I have to see it for real first.
    A friend of mine went to Geneva and told me it was stunning especially the Black version with the engine glass cover.
    Interior is definitly german influenced but so is the finish (Audi is world leader in that respect)
    As for the proportion, it's spot on, which will make it very town friendly. (It's actually shorter than a 996 but it doesn't shock according to my friend).
    A Gallardo for the week, and a Murci for the week ends, I like Lambo's thinking



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