Okay, so I know this is probably a stupid question, - actually, more of an observation. I have about 3500 miles on my CTT with PowerKit. When new, as has been aptly described, there was a noticeable difference in performance with the PSM on/off. I babied the car during the 2k break-in, and, as expected, the ECU has adapted to a more conservative style. I will plan to have it reset soon. However, I recently played with turning off the electronic nanny again (in preparation for some impromptu track time)and found the difference in performance to be MUCH more dramatic. I thought I had read somewhere that the ECU "adaptation" affects performance with or without PSM, just maybe less so without. Obviously, that is not the case, as killing the nanny seems to bring the truck back to original, "better line your passengers' seats with plastic" performance. Can one of you experts out there confirm? Clearly, I've been missing out on some daily commuting fun, waiting for a convenient time to go get my ECU flashed.