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    GT3 orders-

    Hi all,

    I placed the order for a GT3 last August with a wellknown, very large Porsche dealer. I gave my $1000 deposit and I got the impression that I was near the top of the list. Now that the car is actually going into production I'm finding it difficult to really get an absolute straight answer from the dealer if I will get the car this century. He told me that they believe only 600 cars will be made and the dealeship will only be getting 16 cars (unless they manage to squeeze Porsche for more cars). I got the distinct impression that I was being setup for a let down.
    Has anyone else out there come across this type of thing? I spoke with a few other guys who placed deposits down in August, 2002 as I did and have a production date.



    Re: GT3 orders-

    I have been working on this all day. I have been told at all US dealers will get one car, then cars will be allocated. The first cars are May/June build. I have been told that I'm 1st on the list, that my car will be built in June and delivered in July or August. The dealer cannot place the order with PCNA until the allocation is in the computer, which they expect in April. I have already given the dealer my order.

    With 110+ dealers, I find it very hard to believe that your dealer will get 16 cars...

    I would suggest that you ask exactly where you are in line. I make it a point to get that in writing just in case.

    That's all I know.


    Re: GT3 orders-

    My dealer said the same, one car is all they get right now and some dealers may not get any right now. Once they figure out how many in total are coming, they will get additional allocations of maybe 1-2 more cars. 16 sounds like an impossibly high number for one dealer, even if it's Champion or Brumos.

    BTW, contrary to some rumours that were posted elsewhere, the May/June build cars will be 2003 models.

    I've had my deposit down for several years (I was actually on the list for a TT and switched when the rumours started about another run of GT3's) and had verbal confirmation from my sales rep that I was number one but nothing in writing.

    From what I understand, my order is in the system. I have a fax from the dealer with an order number and the option list, colors, etc. I don't understand what the order status codes mean but it's in a status of ACPORD, which I assume means PMNA has accepted the order but maybe someone can enlighten me on these codes.


    From the US 2003 order guide

    What does the order status code mean?

    HLDORD: Hold Order Status. Order received in excess of allocation. Not assigned
    to an allocation.
    ACPORD: Accepted Order Status. Vehicle order not transmitted to PAG and still
    changeable by the dealership. Note: Transmission changes must be done by
    PCNA via order change request.
    RELEAS: Order released to PAG
    TRNXMT: Order transmitted to PAG
    MFGCNF: Order accepted by PAG. Changes must now be done by PCNA if order is still
    ORDZOP: Z-options confirmed on vehicle order by PAG
    ORDXMC: Order change transmitted to PAG
    PRDEST: Vehicle assigned an estimated completion date
    PLPROD: Vehicle is planned for production.
    PRDPNT: Vehicle is in the paint shop.
    CMPPRD: Vehicle has completed production.
    IMPINV: Vehicle is completed and assigned a VIN. Vehicles generally take 2-3 weeks to
    board a vessel after they have been assigned a VIN.
    ONVESL: Vehicle is on a ship.
    ARRPDI: Vehicle at PDI center.



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