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    System Fault and Checking the Oil Level

    After having my new 997S for about a week, with no problems, I washed the car and immediately got a "System Fault" message. I reported this to my dealer and told him that based on the many reports on the web fora, the most likely cause was a faulty front latch solenoid assembly. He checked that out with his techs, they agreed and they have ordered the parts. (They tell me that the parts are now on backorder with no expected delivery date.) However, they have allowed me to continue to drive the car and have assured me that there should be absolutely no problems in doing so.

    My question is that when I turn on the ignition to start the car, I try to always check the oil level. However, the System Fault message pops up before the oil level registers and I am unable to check the level. Given that the car does not have a dipstick, it seems that one is unable to verify proper oil level whenever the SF message is appearing. What are your thoughts on this conundrum? Should I insist on just taking the car in to the dealer and leaving it there or should I not worry about it? The car was a Jan 05 build, 997S, and currently has about 460 miles on it.

    Re: System Fault and Checking the Oil Level

    It would worry me not being able to verify the oil level. I don't know what the oil consumption figure is on the 997 but on the Boxster it is up to 1.5 litres per 1000km (625 miles). Just a thought - have you tried to manually access the electro-dipstick via the on board computer?

    Re: System Fault and Checking the Oil Level

    My System fault message was constant. It was always on, but I could hide it to check the oil level by using the lever on the lower left hand side of the steering column. (operating lever for on-board computer, item 15 in the cockpit quick reference guide)

    Re: System Fault and Checking the Oil Level

    Thanx, Brian, I'll try that tonight. BTW, my SF message is not constant. When decelerating the message goes off. Upon accelrating or cruising along, the message comes back on. It always comes on when starting the car.



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