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    interior color and leather

    Does anyone have any pics of brown natural leather?? Any first-hand impressions?? What is the difference between this and the standard leather and or the special leather??

    Also, what is covered under full leather interior??

    Search my friend

    If you hit the search function and type in "Natural Brown Leather" you should get a load of good pics.

    Re: Search my friend

    This might be it. File name says it is.

    Re: interior color and leather

    BVB said:
    Does anyone have any pics of brown natural leather?? Any first-hand impressions?? What is the difference between this and the standard leather and or the special leather??

    Also, what is covered under full leather interior??

    Here is another one

    Re: interior color and leather

    One more

    Re: interior color and leather

    Natural leather is a higher quality leather with less imperfections. This means natural leather does not have to be treated as much as the regular leather to hide the flaws. Therefore the leather looks and smells better and is softer. It's an option and costs more. In my case the car has full leather so the doors, sun visors, dash board....

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    thanks, looks a little light??? Could it be sand beige or are you sure it's the natural brown??

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    nice keychain edz.

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    To visualize what natural brown looks like, think butterscotch.

    To clarify what comes in leather, standard:
    - steering wheel
    - gear shifter and handbrake
    - seating surfaces of front seats (i.e. not the back, nor the back seats)
    - door handle and arm rest
    - center armrest / storage compartment lid

    What "seats in leather" adds:
    - back of front seats (unless sports seats are ordered)
    - rear seats

    What "full leather" further adds:
    - top of dashboard (except the defroster area (basis of windshield))
    - bottom of dashboard and PCM side panels
    - door panels (except the trim around the door opener)
    - A, B and C pillars (except the belt casing)

    What is NOT covered by "full leather" and must be ordered separately:
    - defroster trim (CNA)
    - center console (XMZ)
    - 6 speed: "gear lever trim" (area between the shifter boot and PCM) (CDZ)
    - Tiptronic: base of Tiptronic selector (CFA)
    - "door finishers" (trim around door opener) (XTV)
    - sun visors (XMP)
    - dome light surround (coupé: XZD, cab: CZD)
    - roof lining (XNA) if ordering terracotta or cocoa

    What is NOT covered by "full leather" and may be ordered separately:
    - mirror triangles, dashboard side panels, ignition rosette (DAA),
    - AC vents (together with CNA: EAA)
    - frame of small vents next to A pillar (CNB)
    - seat back of sports seats (XSB)
    - belt outlet on B pillar (CDU)
    - instrument surround (XNG)
    - steering column (XNS)
    - rear view mirror (CVW)
    - roof lining (XNA)
    - inner sills (XTG)
    - fuse box cover (CUJ)
    - PCM face plate (CUR)
    - door and rear speakers (CVT)
    - Bose subwoofer (coupé) (CVZ)

    Re: Search my friend

    BVB said:
    thanks, looks a little light??? Could it be sand beige or are you sure it's the natural brown??

    No this is natural brown 100% and not sand beige, it even says so on the sticker. These are pics of two different cars and both owners know what kind of interior they have

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    Moogle said:
    nice keychain edz.

    Tom, thanks my friend, it's a momo Carbon Fiber

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    Here's Sand Beige... .

    Re: Search my friend

    NATURAL brown leather is handled differently than their usual leathers. (only the brown, red and grey are naturals right now). They are not manipulated like all the other leathers. Other leathers are sanded and embossed and the finish painted on,--literally. The natural leathers are vat dyed, and the surface is not treated. Something like the top 5-10% of leather quality hides go into the natural leathers. The others are so inferior that they have to be sanded first to remove all the flaws. Then they are embossed to give that 'proper' look, and then the color is painted onto the surface,--it doesn't go through. When you wear that color off it's gone.


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    Thanks Groom,

    Under MUST, i'm assuming this is your opinion?? Why is XNA in the MAY for natural brown , but in the MUST for terra and cocoa?? Do you have any rough pricing for all of the MUST codes as well as XNA??

    Re: Search my friend

    My mistake, since Natural Brown coupés also get a black Alcantara roof liner, as evidenced by picture 3.
    The standard colors (black/blue/stone grey/beige) get a roof liner in the proper color.

    Yes, it's only my opinion, but that opinion happens to be widely shared on that board.

    Regarding cost of the "must" options: $3,300 plus $1,180 for the roof liner in leather
    which is by the way option XMA and not XNA (sorry, I can't edit my first post).

    One more thing:
    I recommend ordering one of the "smooth leather" steering wheels if ordering full leather. Believe it or not, but the grain on the standard wheel is designed to look like the leatherette used in the car, whereas it's actually genuine!
    I recommend either the thicker sports steering wheel (XPA), or the thicker multifunction steering wheel (431 + CPA).

    Re: Search my friend


    Here are pics of my Mom's 997 with NB. It's the best classiest interior color available.

    Re: Search my friend

    MMD said:
    Here's Sand Beige... .

    hehe MMD !!! that's me in the test drive 997 when I had my car on order.. nice memory.. I remember enjoying that day very much - the dealer brought a bunch of 997's for test drive for all the people who had one on order. Must have been later 2004..



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