Peter Smith is the Porsche Club of America's Technical Committee member responsible for the Cayenne and works at a San Jose, CA Porsche Dealership. The PCA magazine Panorama published this "Question and Answer" in it's most recent July 2005 issue. You can also see this and other tech "Q&A's" at the PCA website (link).


So many times I have had the dealer tell me things are "normal", just because there is the same problem on other vehicles. Most recently, the told me the hesitation from a standstill is "normal" and so I am living with the way the vehicle performs. I am used to the hesitation, but recently my wife drove my Cayenne S for a few days, and complained to me about the hesitation. My wife is NOT patient, and if the vehicle won't go when she steps on the gas, I think it could become dangerous. I have read that turning PSM off, may eliminate the hesitation somewhat, but I tried it, and it's only slight. I have driven loaner Cayenne's, and the hesitation is the same. Just because "all other Cayennes" may exhibit the same problem, shouldn't make it right.


Unfortunately it is one of those things where the dealer is helpless about certain issues, that being the hesitation. Some things make it lessen, such as throttle plate adaptation and possibly an update to the DME control unit and get the latest software in it. See if the dealer can do that and go from there.

Peter Smith - PCA WebSite - 5/10/2005