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    Other Manufacturers Break In Reccos?

    I don't know why I'm still wondering about break in. Maybe because I just saw a documentary on Ferrari.

    Apparently the just-completed car comes out of the factory door and it gets the cr*p beat out of it on a test track.

    Made me wonder what does the Ferrari owner's manual say about break in "hints?"

    How about Corvette or Lambo break in hints?

    Perhaps their engines get treated differently after assembly compared to Porsche's engines, so breakin is justifiably different

    Anybody know?

    Re: Other Manufacturers Break In Reccos?

    Most of the european manufactuers recommend between 500-1500 KM of driving.

    I have always strictly adhered to the manufacturer's break in (as specified in the manual), even if they are just "hints" or "recommendations".

    My cars have always been very frugal when it comes to oil usage, and I never experienced the sort of high oil consumption that many people report, even on a 911 turbo.

    An added benifit is that you also get a good connection between the driver and car before really pushing it.

    1000-2000 miles is only 2 weeks of summer pleasure driving for me so its not a big deal. Some people say I'm a masochist, but at the end of the day, I don't have to worry about excessive engine wear or oil consumption.

    Re: Other Manufacturers Break In Reccos?

    This is can of worms:) I am on the other camp. except for a 300 km brake pad break-in, I am all game. I did not expect any problems either with my cars, let alone my 997 does not really consume any oil. My cars are always good performers compared to same equiped, same model cars.

    I think it is pure luck that you receive a problematic engine and break-in is as Moogle said all about driver and car connection IMO.

    Re: Other Manufacturers Break In Reccos?

    The break in stuff is all fine and important in my view but more important IMO is to make sure throughout one's ownership of the car that one warms up the engine, engine oil in particular, before subjecting the engine to higher stress. Regular oil changes and oil filter changes are equally vital.

    I think that, over the life of the car, this has a much greater bearing on how much engine wear one gets, engine longevity, reliability etc etc.

    It makes the difference between an engine running perfectly for 200000 miles and one that feels knackered after 100000 miles.



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