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    My Ipod Mods

    Someone asked that I repost my IPOD mods so here they are. I like many people have wanted to figure out the best way integrate an IPOD into the existing PCM system. PCM incorporates the radio and CD whilst also controlling the audio and trip computer, it also controls the sports chrono functions, as well as it has separate control buttons for the rear spoiler, heated screen etc and also the controls for the climate control/air-conditioning. Based on all that there is no way to upgrade to a new head unit. So INTEGRATION is the way you have to go. Now there is a number of companies that are working on hacking the MOST bus. Hacking the MOST bus would allow you to hook the IPOD directly into the bus and in theory have the IPOD display on PCM. Then again there lots of controls on the MOST bus and I think you may have warranty and safety issues if you hack into it. So here is what the team who worked on my car did. We left the factory head unit in place as well as the factory amp. We first put in an Audio Control LC6 to take the speaker level output from the factor amp and turn them into line level outputs. The dynamic range of this head unit is severely restricted to deal with the quality of the factory speakers in the system and incorporate non-defeatable equalization curves aimed at correcting the response of those speakers, as well as protecting the relatively weak Bose factory speaker systems from overload. Examples of these include bass roll-off at increasing volume settings, or severe midrange EQ to tame the response of OEM speakers. Since we ended up replacing those speakers I needed to bring the full dynamic range back . To do this we now took the output from the Audio Control LC6 and we used a new unit from JLAudio called a cleansweep it returns the full dynamic range to any head unit and gives you a clean signal to put into your amplifier. This unit happens to have an auxiliary input.
    We used this input to handle the IPOD. So now you have a full dynamic range output for both PCM and IPOD. To switch between PCM and the IPOD there are two knobs that we put in the cubby near the stick shift boot. The first one is a volume control and push switch between the PCM and the IPOD. The second one controls the volume of the sub. We then added an additional 5 channel amplifier from JLaudio in the bottom of the trunk area that gives you a 250 Watt Sub Channel plus a 100 watts a channel on the front two speakers and 25 watts a channel on the rear two speakers.
    the sub box with 4 downward firing focal 6 in subs now has tons of base complete IPOD integration and sounds awesome. My friends at did all the work if anyone wants to know more.

    Re: My Ipod Mods

    Sounds great- thanks. Would you mind telling us the approximate cost of these upgrades and could a similar set up allow a satellite radio to be hooked up and semi-integrated with the existing speakers and sound system without the crappy fm modulation (not worried about the antena).

    Re: My Ipod Mods

    Nice installation of the SR7. Can you show pictures of the front of your 997 with the mounted sr7 antenna.

    Re: My Ipod Mods

    thanx for the info, i was the one who asked:!

    SR7 Install

    one of the antennas is behind the bumber cover then the laser defusers are to the right and left of the center opeining at the top. They are a little hard to see. But thats GOOD!

    The rear one is on the top of the license plat frame as you can see here.

    Re: SR7 Install

    can i see a side view of your car? i think it looks reall good with wing

    Re: My Ipod Mods

    Similar set up would work fine for satellite. I did spend a lot of money on this. Probably 5K. But i am pretty hard core about what I want for sound in my car and I see it as my sanctuary so to speak from work, stress. etc so it is worth it to me. It can all be taken out and returned to stock and in fact when the turbo comes out I might yank it all out and put it in the turbo. The dealer is fine with these installers and works well with them when they have questions or problems.

    Re: My Ipod Mods

    Thanks again! Love that rear wing, too. When my brakes cost over $3k more then the sound system, I think your $ is well spent. I checked your links and found out that it will work for satellite (sorry- should have checked before asking...). I'm near the top of the 997 tt list so I might wait before doing this but I will definitely follow your lead. Enjoy!

    Re: SR7 Install

    Love your rear spoiler!

    Side view

    Here is a side view lowered with H&R sports springs.

    Re: Side view

    How is the Passport set up working ? Your car looks great lowered by the way .

    Remote install Story

    Actually I ended up changing the install somewhat. I decided I did not need the head unit visible in the cubby. If you're like me basically I slow down when the thing makes noise unless its pretty clear that's it is the doors at the supermarket or something else. So I ended up hiding the unit all together under the dash and just have two buttons exposed. The mute button is under the steering wheel and the on off is a little farther back under the dash. I like these remote installs. 20 years ago I was downtown Seattle having dinner and someone broke into my 75 911 and took my escort. They broke the window, there was glass all over. A week later after the dealer had fixed the glass my girlfriend was driving the 911 home went too aggressively into a turn, backed of the gas and well you guys know the rest. Spun it out and kit the guard rail. She was fine, just shaken up and the good news is that girl is my wife now of 19 years. And well when ever I break something or need a new Carrera she's well; OK with it. So definitely go for the remote install and watch were you park your baby

    Re: Remote install Story

    If I may ask where did you get the spoiler? I have been looking for one that is not too tall and I think yours is the best I've seen. Also, do you have any straight side shots that show the spoiler's height a little more? Thanks.

    Side View

    Above are two shots one lowered and one before the H&R springs. The wing is a Type III techart wing. They also make a small Type I wing and a very large Type III Wing. I like this one as it has a GT2 type design but isnt to big. Let me know if you want to know more.

    Re: Side view

    I have seen you driving! I was in that 993 Speed Yellow C4S in the U district about a month ago.

    Re: Side view

    very nice dude. I love your wing.

    Re: Side view

    Small world, Yup as you can see from my old Brick house I am about a mile from U-village. I remeber seeing you drive by. Let me know if you want to get togther some time

    Re: Side view

    Thank you, 997CS. Techart does seem to have the nicest body kits for the 997. I think it's what I am leaning toward. How is the quality and service?
    Your car looks great. Enjoy.

    So basically you installed a whole 2nd stereo system right?

    I admire your persistence !!

    No Question that Techart Has the highest Part quality

    Some of these kits from Rinspeed( these guys have nice looking parts) and others use what they call Fraser Composites. Read "fiberglass" Putting a fiberglass chin spoiler on a new 997 is like saying kick me i am stupid. One parking block and that piece is done. Having said that the Teachart stuff is formed polymer that is durable and bendable. It is also expensive. That rear wing was about 3K. I did have a quality issue initially with the Type III Wing base. It warped slightly in the oven when the paint was drying. They had a polymer issue with the first set of wing bases that came to the US. I should be getting a new one this week. In Seattle the distributors for this stuff is
    They also did my audio and worked closely with on all the paint work. I am very happy with the results.


    Re: So basically you installed a whole 2nd stereo system right?

    Well yes, but the head unit is still in place and functions %100 and I have one button to push to listen to my IPOD. All the factory amps our in place as well.

    Re: No Question that Techart Has the highest Part quality

    Hey, just wondering about your speaker upgrades. Do you have the bose sound package as an option? Is it better to upgrade the speaker with the bose sound system option or without it? I am very serious about the sound system too so i am hoping you can anwser my question. Since there are more speakers if you choose the bose sound package option, does it mean that you will get better sound if you upgrade all the speakers in the car? LEt me know if you do not understand what i mean. Thank you!

    Re: So basically you installed a whole 2nd stereo system right?

    Looks stunning in black with yellow pccb this has to be one of the best looking 997s i have seen on this forum,and yet i normally hate aftermarket kits ,rear spoiler looks well cool ,and nice to see you didnt change the wheels.I hope the 997gt3 looks similar

    Re: No Question that Techart Has the highest Part quality

    You know what I dont know. I suspect the Bose upgrade was a waste as I took out all the speakers and the sub box. But let me send mail to the guys who did the work adn ask them and then get back to you.

    Re: No Question that Techart Has the highest Part quality

    Ya, definitely let me know, i am very interested in upgrading my speaker system and curious if the sound upgrade (more speaker) is going to have a big difference if change out all speakers then new speakers on the standard one... THANKS MAN!!!

    I heard back from my installer at Benchmark

    Here is the answer form my friends at

    The car comes with the Porsche PCM (head unit) in both the Bose and non-Bose variations. The Bose system adds a couple more speakers and a subwoofer; all of which were removed in your car to make way for better equipment. The important part is that the car has the PCM and speaker locations in it either way.

    If the gentleman asking about your set up is thinking of doing what you did, the Bose system is probably an unnecessary expense. Our local dealer is ordering their cars almost exclusively with the Bose system, so I want to make it clear that we have yet to bench test a non-Bose unit, but again the PCM and speaker locations are really the only important components of building the audio system that is now in your car. If you remember, some of the Bose specific auto EQ compensation stuff was also somewhat of an issue to get around, so it may be better to start with a less proprietary system.



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