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    Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    Hi Guys,

    Originally, I wanted to order my car with painted wheels option right from the factory but I did not decide till it was too late into the production stage and it was not possible for me to add an option. I got the car and forgot all about it in the midst of excitement

    Few years later, and I was ready. I decided to paint my stock wheels to Basalt black (body color) and paint the border or rim line to GT3RS orange (code 8C6). Here are the results, hope you like them. Personally, I think they turned out great. This was done at the Porsche Dealer here in SA.

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    One more:

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Black on Orange Wheels)

    This looks cool. I hink in your case I would add the aero kit, too.

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    Thanks Lars, glad you like it. In my case, I'd rather get a GT3 rather than install the Aerokit Let's leave that to a later step.

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    Nice and subtle. I'd get the brake calipers in the same orange and clear rear brake lights just to finish it off nicely

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    Schuffo, thanks mate. Do you have a picture of this clear brake light you are talking about? I've never seen it. I wanted to paint the Carrera S logo into GT3RS orange but they did not have any in stock (they said it has to be a new un-prepped one, or is it their way of ripping people off, i dont know) So that's what I had in mind. I would have loved to powder coat the calipers into orange but they do not know how to make'em here. Doesn't look bad with the red calipers though. I've heared there are some powder coated exhaust tips into matte black but I am yet to see any as well.

    Powder Coated Exhaust tips in black

    I found a picture of what I'm talking about.. Imagine this with a GT3RS orange logo of the Carrera S in the back:

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)


    Well done

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    Very nice and subtle

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    Nice.. 3ash number plate 911

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    Makes me wonder how black with a yellow stripe would work with my PCCB and black car?

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    Glad you like it guys
    leawood911, I think it would look good as well.

    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)


    Re: Subtle new Mod (Orange on Black Wheels)

    VERY cool!



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