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    Who thinks RAIKO can still win the WDC ??

    GO MCLAREN !!!!

    Re: Who thinks RAIKO can still win the WDC ??

    I bet it is going to be a close end to the season...Let's hope :-)
    John, Are you the last American interested in F1 after the recent fiasco? :-)

    Re: Who thinks RAIKO can still win the WDC ??

    IF Mclaren can ever become even somewhat consistent with equipment reliability and IF the team can make intelligent strategy decisions during the race; then Kimi can certainly catch and pass FA. But those are BIG ifs.

    I've followed Mac since the late 80's and if there's a team that can dissapoint when least expected, it's Mclaren. As a die hard Mika fan, I've experienced this first hand.

    If anyone can do it, Kimi can. Let's hope MS's contract with the devil runs out sometime soon.

    Re: Who thinks RAIKO can still win the WDC ??

    For F1 I hope the duel will be close ...
    But i'm an Alonso fan from the first hour...
    I also have affection for the brand renault:
    -A good friend of me works at the factory in Brussels and with him we have lived the ups and downs of renault in F1: from the 1.5l turbo till now...
    -renault earns also my respect by being a rather small F1-team with a lot less engineers then the concurrents.
    -They run engine and chassis themselves
    -They can make ferrari tremble
    -After all these years they deserve a title
    The next one may go to kimi...who certainly is a graet pilot.But a little too "cool" to me...

    Re: Who thinks RAIKO can still win the WDC ??

    Kimi is quite good and the McLaren team is finally finding their way. But Fernando has too much of a lead to lose the championship now. Michael will be lucky to beat Jarno for third place.

    Re: Who thinks RAIKO can still win the WDC ??

    Kimi's one of my personal faves. I saw him win in Montreal, and I was cheerin' real good for all you kimi fans.

    I am the ONLY American interested in F1 !! ;)

    Looking forward to Scott Speed beining in F1 - he's the young kid who is in GP2 right now - also winner of the Red Bull driver search. I've met him a few times out at my local karting track... He is friends with the guy who runs the shifter kart team I drive for. A year ago he was hanging around the track and wanted to drive so he drove my 125cc 6 Speed Shifter Kart..... I thought I had it maxed out until he drove it !!! It's still got a few seconds of performance to dig out there FYI.... watching someone who is a naturally gifted driver is pretty cool....

    Re: I am the ONLY American interested in F1 !! ;)

    It was a great season until Indy! WTF!!!!!!!

    I hope it's smooth sailing for the rest of the season.

    Great to see some real competition. Alonzo has been amazing. I hope Kimi (and Mclaren Merc) finish strong.
    I love F1!

    Re: Who thinks RAIKO can still win the WDC ??

    That would be my dream...: Michael with Mclaren Merc!

    BTW, nice pics and article on Kimi in F1 Racing( June issue).



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