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    Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    How do they compare?
    Anyone has try them?
    Just being curious

    Re: Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    just have a look over here:
    message no. 10 on page 1, as published in sport-auto

    Re: Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    maserati has no chance

    Re: Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    The Maserati Coupe (with the V8) is a very nice car. It gives somehow a feeling of Ferrari at a more attractive price tag.
    Another advantage: the Maserati Coupe is not that flashy and you could even drive it to work without to worry about customers or collegues.
    I'd buy it if I knew that Maserati has control over quality. Unfortunately I'm not sure about it.
    BTW: Alois Ruf (yes, the RUF) has one of the biggest Maserati dealerships in Bavaria as far as I know. His father already started selling Maseratis and he continued this family tradition. So if you ever want to buy a Maserati, check the RUF Porsches too.

    Re: Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    I like the last maserati model, with the boomerang rearlights.
    the 3200GT. but i think the new engine is much better.

    Re: Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    I was looking also for a Coupe' or Spyder 4200 before I got the 996 , but I was really scared about reliability and quality of the car and performance...and... aand...and....and....
    so I didn't buy it

    Re: Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    Hello Fanch, How are you.

    I done 10 000 kms with a 996 C2 3.6l 320 HP and 6000 with Maserati 4200 GT Camborocorsa. You know my opinion but i repeat for the others.

    Acceleration : For me is the same. Maybe the Maserati is quicker at low rpms but it's quite the same.

    Motor : The V8 of the Maserati is splendid. The sounds is fantastic. VERY VERY impressive and beautiful. I never use the radio in Board !
    The flat is too shy but i haven't sport exhaust option.

    Gearbox : 6 speed manual of the porsche was fantastic but cambiocorsa is amazing. Fast, it made double clutch it self and it is sansational.

    Brake : Porsche is the best in this domain but maserati have good brake too. Very endurant (fanch traduit pour moi ), nothing to compare with bmw M3 for example.

    On drive :
    The problem of the 996 C2 is the not totaly remove PSM and no LSD. I have the chance to choose one with no PSM but the drive is more funny with the 4200 GT.
    The Porsche is more agile in entry (rear motor) but he didn't turn like the 4200 with accelerator.

    Fiability : I didn't make lot of kms with this cars but i want to say something :
    I had two problems with the 996 (Daschboard) and no one with the 4200. The finition, the 'joins' around the window was not perfect and the commodo is cheap in the 996.
    The finition are almost parfect in the Maserati.

    In Conclusion : Both car are fabulous, but the sensation to drive is better in the 4200. I don't know the time at the nurburing or others, but drive the Maserati is something emotive. 996 is perfect but too shy in my opignion.

    Re: Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    Hey fanch what's up?

    I had a little write up few months ago on the comparison of the two; let me see if I can find the link.

    In short, Maserati's engine sounds great very nice power but even with Sports settings it doesn't get anywhere close to 996 handeling.

    It was funny 'cause the sales guy was even telling me that these two cars are different and if we compare the two, we are comparing apples to oranges.

    Re: Maserati Coupe vs 996 C2

    "It was funny 'cause the sales guy was even telling me that these two cars are different and if we compare the two, we are comparing apples to oranges."

    I think the salesman is dead on. I have a hard time thinking of the Mas coupe as better or worse than a 996, it seems to me a different concept. We have 2500 miles on a Mas coupe cambio corsa and it clearly is a GT rather than a sports car. With the tubi, great sound; interior to me more attractive and elegant than the 996 C2, obviously purely subjective. Depreciation on the Maserati seems to be atrocious - I'd think a low mileage Mas could be a great bargain. Also, excellent warranty, though we've had no problems with ours. I love the car and drive it everywhere, though we've found it does attract too much attention - maybe it's the loud exhaust we have! I think these cars have been underestimated. For the track, I'd take the 996 in a heartbeat.



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