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    Best supercars noise

    Hi. The noise challenge is open: explain your preferences between:
    Porsche Carrera GT
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
    Pagani Zonda

    Who will win?
    For me: 1) carrera gt 2) 360 Challenge Stradale

    Re: Best supercars noise

    Clarkson from Top Gear said the best engine sound he ever heard was from the Aston Martin Vanquish, and he already heard all sort of engines as you can imagin. Anyway , this was before the CGT test drive he made last month, so maybe he change his opinion on this regard.

    Indeed for me, it's one thing I really appreciate on any car, I can't understand some magazines when they present a test drive report of a sports car and don't even mention anything about the engine sound. There's something magical in a beautiful engine sound, it gives a proper soul to the vehicule.
    Sometimes, I find myself turn off the radio just to hear the musical engine sound from my car and I always fired up the engine inside my garage with the windows open.


    Re: Best supercars noise

    For me, 1) Challenge Stradale 2) Zonda C12 S 7.3. I love the raw high-pitched exhaust note of the 360 CS when the throttle butterfly in the exhaust closes to bypass the muffler (at 4.5k+ rpm and 40%+ throttle). The AMG V12 in the C12 S sounds completely different frrom the 360 CS, but I love how mean it sounds. It revs very quickly due to low rotating mass in the driveline so it "barks" like a dog when you blip the throttle. I also think the TVR Speed 12 is one of the best sounding cars in the world today.

    What about cars you see everyday on the street? I think the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 coupe sound great. The VW Golf R32, Camaro SS, and the Corvette Z06 sound nice too.


    Re: Best supercars noise

    For me, I'll take the SLR and the SL55. No car can touch these for the pure distinctive AMG growl.

    The best Porsche sounds has to be the 911 GT3, or Carrera Boxer engined models.

    The best Ferrari sound has to be the 550 Barchetta V12.

    My personal opinions...

    Re: Best supercars noise

    All opinions should be based on real life experiences.

    At least that's my opinion.

    The Vanquish has a really good sound in my opinion.
    Some engines have a pleasant sound to them and some don't.
    If you like the sound of a Formula 1 car you will definately like the sound of the Carrera GT.

    Re: Best supercars noise

    From what I've heard, it depends if you like high pitch F1 sound or growling low tone.
    I really like the sport exhaust on my Carrera, otherwise, 360 tubistyle sounds fantastic, SL55, ok, but too quiet at low revs.
    Pagani great. Lambo Murci, great too.
    Again, these are only cars I've heard, so I'm still the experience the CGT which seems to sound great, or the Challenge stradale, etc.
    But I agree, engine sound is really important in the pleasure you get from driving.
    Which is why the 996 turbo is not perfect. But I've heard a turbo tubi and that's loud!!! Nice!

    Re: Best supercars noise

    I've listened to all these cars in real life, with the exception of the SLR.

    Re: Best supercars noise

    Bilal, you must not have been around much 60s American muscle cars, since the AMG SL55 exhaust note is simply a toned down version of that classic large displacement languid thumpa-thumpa American V8 - the very opposite of say, a Ferrari flat -plane crankshaft V8 which sounds like a high-strung superbike on steroids at idle or pulling away.

    Re: Best supercars noise

    I also had the opportunity to hear the Vanquish and I feel it has the best exhaust sound. My 360 Spider with Tubi I love but there is something to the Aston Martin which makes it really unique sounding.

    The CGT engine sound (as opposed to exhaust) is without a doubt the finest for street cars.

    Re: Best supercars noise

    The DB7 with sports exhaust is quite similar to the Vanquish, and I'm assuming the DB9 is as well (though I haven't driven one yet). The exhaust burble is intoxicating and rewards the ear even when lifting from the throttle. Vanquish gear changes are also a pleasure.

    As far as Mercedes is concerned, I think the Brabus counterparts one-up the factory offerings.

    Re: Best supercars noise

    My favorite is a 67-73 Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona V-12 at 7,800 rpm.

    Re: Best supercars noise

    Well I wasn't in the 60's but i know exactly what you mean, the Corvette's and the Mustangs all have big block V8 sounds. But to get a more mechanical and devilisih engine sound from a Mercedes, thats the ultimate fantasy!

    All other sports cars have a very generic sporty sound, such as the Gallardo, various Ferrari's etc. I got overtaken at a high speed by a Vanquish, nothing special, but thats my opinion.

    Ferrari V8's sound different simply because of the cylinder firing order and their high redlines compared to their 5.0L+ V8 counterparts.
    AMG prefers that muscle car sound, and I think it suits them 100%.

    The SLR due to I think its supercharger whine, or whatever, reminds me of an S600, with that typical "Good-natured-Mercedes" sound crossed between an SL55.

    Listen for yourself...

    Re: Best supercars noise

    360 Challange stradale definitly
    Incredible sound to be heard from both inside and outside.
    First time i heard that beauty i wasn't able stopping drooling over .....
    If you have the possibility search the internet for 360 challenge stradale 5th gear road test (vicky andersson ride).
    You will discover what i mean

    Re: Best supercars noise

    yep, road f-cars have always been about paying excess $ for inferior performance to attain aural stimulation and exhibit status. even then, they're usually hardly driven. what a sham (er: shame).



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