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    Re: Interesting article on GTS

    LOL... he just now figured this out?!? Welcome to the world of modern Por$che.

    Re: Interesting article on GTS

    he might have discovered it only now, but better late than never. I hop all the world reads this, and let's hope that it's not too late.

    Re: Interesting article on GTS

    That was quite a rant! "Show me the data" comes to mind when I read someone expressing their views so forcefully. After all, it's just internet media, the guy could throw in some facts and figures.

    When the writer says, "The thing about the Cayenne is that is [sic] simply the antithesis of every great Porsche built before it. Instead of being lithe, beautiful in its function and aerodynamic, the Cayenne has the aerodynamics of a brick and is almost as heavy as a Hummer H2. Instead of being agile and light on its feet, the Cayenne is lumbering, sluggish and embarrassingly un-Porsche-like by any measure," which is the entire premise of the rant, I have to disagree. No it's not a sports car, but come on, it puts every other SUV to shame.

    I just spent 6 hours in my CS driving through a blizzard over three mountain passes with two kids and a dog in the back, and three pairs of skis in a hitch mounted ski rack. I was the only car on the road aside from an occasional jack-knifed semi or state trooper. Does this represent the antithesis of Porsche? What is the appropriate Porsche image? Balding accountants driving a 911s while holding their Starbucks mug?

    To bash the GTS is one thing, but bashing the Cayenne in general is another. For those of us who NEED an SUV, the Cayenne is a very good choice.

    It'll be interesting to hear the balding-accountant-911-drivers bellyache when the Panamera debuts.

    Re: Interesting article on GTS

    Ron (Houston) said:

    I've never read so much nonsense at once.
    Where are the facts?
    Is the Cayenne a bad SUV?
    Which fool compares an SUV to a sports car, just because it comes from Porsche!

    A false marketing campaign?
    Every 10-year-old child would understand that all marketingstatements apply to the SUV segment.
    For me, the contribution of Peter M. De Lorenzo is the most superfluous, senseless and offensive article, I've ever read.
    Amazingly how some members here also encourage him.....

    Re: Interesting article on GTS

    Never read so much nonsense in my entire life, the author (not sure if you can call him a journalist , sorry don't now the guy at all) must have had a very bad experience with a 4x4 to 'write' and article like this.

    We just back from Porsche Desert camp 2008 , in which we had Cayennes (V6, S and Turbos) going through the Wahiba sand dunes with reasonable ease. It's often the driver what is the problem. As I get my CTT in April we used my wifes landcruiser Prado. We got stuck as well, I don't think there was a significant difference between the cars in sand dune performance. OK, GTS is indeed not the car to take in the sand dunes, but that was not Porsche target.

    Re: Interesting article on GTS


    Porsche's 200,000th Cayenne Is Occasion for Party, Less Than a Year After Launch

    Date posted: 02-04-2008

    LEIPZIG, Germany - Porsche celebrated what it's calling a "production jubilee" at its plant here when the 200,000th Cayenne rolled off the line. The car was a red GTS model with a 402-horsepower V8 that will go to a customer in the Middle East.

    The automaker notes that it is just short of a year since the launch of the second-generation Cayenne in February 2007. Sales of the model for the first half of Porsche's 2007-'08 fiscal year are predicted to have doubled those of the preceding year.

    The Cayenne is popular in many areas - notably China, Russia, Latin America and the Middle East - and carrying Porsche's fortunes upward with it. However, Porsche says the United States is still the company's bread and butter, with 30 percent of Cayennes going to American buyers.

    What this means to you: The world is peppered with Cayennes! - Laura Sky Brown, Correspondent



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