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    dashboard replacement?

    I have a little problem with the dashboard of my 987S with full leather in cocoa. After approximately 2 weeks of ownership - and after the first treatment with Meguiars leather spray I detected a slight dent on the dashboard on the passenger side. First it looked to me as if someone would have made a dent with the fingernail. In the bright sunlight I detected more of these dents - only slighter. All dents where allocated on one line and with the same space in between. It seems as if the cow hit a barbed wire.

    My dealer organized someone from the importer to take a look. I now was told that a replacement dashboard has been approved ad that it mine to decide whether I want it to be replaced or not.

    For me it's some kind of dilemma. I really invested a lot in my Boxster regarding all the extras I bought - and I would like it to be "perfect" - therefore the dents are annoying me and I would like to have a clean dashboard.

    On the other hand I fear that the replacement of the dashboard will not be without any traces - especially regarding rattling noises. In addition it might even be possible that the leather structure of the replacement dashboard will be different to the leather on the other parts in my car.

    Does anyone have experience in such replacements?

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    Can you post a picture of the dash?

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    I tried to take pictures where you can see the dents in the leather but failed - like my dealer before. You can't see it on pictures taken into a garage with the flashlight on. Maybe I try outside when the sun shows itself again over Switzerland......

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    I would definately go for the new dashboard.
    I know the potential problems of post-fitting such a thing, but I'm pretty sure they can fit it without squeeks and noises following in its wake.
    "The cow hit some barbed wire"... man, I nearly spewed my morning coffee all over the screen

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    Small dents in either wood or leather can be removed. A expert can do it with a ordinary clothes iron and a hand towel. I suggest that you contact a automobile custom upholstry shop, or since you are in Switzerland, a high end Waffen shop that carries premium grade leather goods.

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    With such a major replacement necessary after only two weeks of ownership I would have thought a replacement car would be in order - have you tried that approach with your dealer saying that you are not happy with either the defects or your new car being dismantled for a new dash with the likelyhood of rattles, squeaks etc?

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    I could live with it (don't kno how bad it is?), I would ask for a refund in some form. Real leather always has imperfections

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    well, that's a new one

    Never heard anything like this before.

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    If it's any consolation: I just had two broken center dash air vents replaced - a job the Porsche service guys told me would require removing the dash and then putting it back in (rattle alarm!)- and so far it looks good. No rattles on the short drive home and the dash gives the same well-fitted impression as ever.

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    I don't even have enough $ to opt for the leather dash. So no rattles no squeaks and no freakin' cow hittn' no barbed wires.

    Re: dashboard replacement?

    Just do it! Everytime you get in your new car you are going to see the imperfections, and it is going to drive you nuts. You don't need a new car, and dealers can replace dashes with no problem.




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