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    Hi all, i'm a newbie.

    My names Sean, i'm 20 and i'm from the Gold Coast (QLD Aus).

    I've always wanted a porsche and i'm just wondering if someone is able to come and check one out with me.

    I'd rather have someone with experience check it over before i jump into something that is going to cost me a bazillian dollars.

    It's an 88 model 944 Turbo.5 spd manual Sunroof.Basically exactly what i've been looking for. Owner claims he's kept it well maintained and has all receipts.

    Is there anything i should look or look out for???

    If you could PM me that'd be great.

    Cheers Sean.

    Re: newbie

    Fate said:
    Is there anything i should look or look out for???

    Mkae sure the steering wheel is on the right side .

    Welcome aboard Sean this is a great place to learn all about Porsche, I believe your 944 Turbo will be an awesome car. Make sure you share some pictures with us .

    Re: newbie

    I'd look for rust, and worn hoses in the engine compartment. turn it on and let it idle for a little while, (15 minutes or so) and see what happens.

    Re: newbie

    The more anal and careful the owner is around his (hopefully) beloved 944, the ore you can be sure he has been just as anal and careful about taking care of it.
    I dont know the first thig about 944's, but I have seen places on the web where people offer good advice on what to look out for when buying used.
    Like you say it's agood idea to have a friend or fellow enthusiast look at the car objectively before you buy it.
    It's often hard to see the forest for the trees when you're all over the car like a giddy schoolboy and ready to buy it whatever the condition.

    Like AndyM says, it's a good idea to look for rust, check its history thoroughly and have a mechanic check out the tech stuff.

    Good luck and welcome to Rennteam - and not least welcome to a lifetime of Porsche fanatism

    Re: newbie

    You definately need a ppi from an experienced 944 mechanic. Cam chain things etc.....

    I once spent a week at the sheraton mirage gold coast in surfers paradise. What a beautiful place. What a long ass flight.

    Re: newbie

    Yeah, it's a great place here on the Gold Coast. However if you live here all your life and never get away on holidays. It gets you down over time. you really need to get away to see what life is like elsewhere.

    Then come back to a wonderful place.

    Any idea's who i should speak to regarding finding someone to check this car out???

    Any help greatly appreciated.



    Re: newbie

    Hey, I actually know someone else from the GoldCoast. Sounds pretty boring as you describe it, huh?

    Anyways, there is a website of a 944 Turbo owner in the US, I can't recall it right now but he worked extensively on his car and should know the important facts. His site is about a red 944, with videos and reports of different roadtrips!

    I am not 100 % sure but doesn't the 944 have a galvanized body already?

    Re: newbie

    Go to this website;

    and contact the people listed there, especially the mechanic. It is the 928 community website for australia. 928 poeple are the most knowledgeable and helpful car group that there is.



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