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    Re: GSM phone option for the USA

    I am having no luck ording an aftermarket phone module in the UK, dealer says they are not yet available

    Missing options, telematics in-depth

    Any updates on the usability of the GSM for USA phone option?

    CDMA users, are we still left in the dark? If we were to use the passenger side cradle solution, I suppose the dash keyboard and caller ID/Address book upload will not work, correct?

    While I can see myself burning MP3 CDs for the dash player to get around the missing AUX input, the lack of a viable phone solution is annoying.

    Yes, I can well afford an additional GSM account, however, the call forwarding solution is not workable in my opinion. I don't mind switching to GSM but if the North American carriers do not allow SIM card cloning, there are still lots of logistic problems with call forwarding:

    1. Must I call-forward my primary phone to the car every time?!

    2. Or, give up my primary phone voicemail box to program the unavailable-auto-forward, and turn off the primary phone every time I get into the car?

    3. If I permanently unavailable-auto-forward my primary phone number to the Porsche GSM phone, I would not be notified when I have a voicemail message waiting at the Porsche phone.

    4. It appears that the only workable solution that does not involve tedious repetitive forwarding is to put my main number on the SIM card that sits in the Porsche, and have it unavailable-auto-forwarded to my main phone. Unfortunately, this will post a problem as I will have no choice but to block both outgoing phone numbers to eliminate confusion.

    5. Of course, the fact that I have two address books to take care of is an annoyance. I input most address book entries when I receive calls on my primary phone, I want the car to mute and show the caller-ID from this list!

    6. SMS will be another nightmare with two numbers. Can I even block my number when texting SMS?!

    I currently have the old school obsolete Mercedes Motorola CDMA V60 which plugs into my Mercedes console. It's an over-priced limited feature phone but at least it works and absolutely simplifies my life.

    Address book is automatically loaded to the car and I can even read SMS on the dash. I get the strong signal wired antenna, battery charging, privacy handset all in one. I get the separated SMS and voicemail messages notification icons on the dash. (Interestingly, the phone also docks and works with BMWs telematics, Motorola must have been contracted to both accounts.)

    Not a big fan of Bluetooth as experience tells me that some phones do not autoload the address book to the car disabling the very useful caller ID on dash. For example, CDMA V710 and Lexus RX330 do not work well. It is a frustrating exercise to find out which car works with which phone from which service provider.

    Question: I see the "Email" button on the 997 centre console, does anyone have any experience with this feature? Is it really email or SMS/Text messages?

    My ideal telematics solution? Bluetooth pairing that has been proven to work well (auto address upload, SMS, etc.), but users are also given the option to dock the phone for better reception and charging. Is this too much to ask for? Given the limitation, I rather have no Bluetooth but have the full-featured setup.

    Re: Missing options, telematics in-depth

    Try the Parrot CK3100.
    Parrot CK3100

    Re: Missing options, telematics in-depth

    DD694 said:
    Try the Parrot CK3100.
    Parrot CK3100

    Thanks but I want to be able to dial via the factory keypad, possible with the CK3100? Not a big fan of voice dialing.

    Re: Missing options, telematics in-depth

    Nope. Can't use the factory keypad. I think only the PCM internal phone module will allow this.
    You can select a name from the phone address book, which is synchronized with the CK3100 every time you start up the system. This is not true for EVERY phone, but those that have this capability are shown on the Parrot website.

    Additional questions about Parrot

    DD694 said:
    Nope. Can't use the factory keypad. I think only the PCM internal phone module will allow this.
    You can select a name from the phone address book, which is synchronized with the CK3100 every time you start up the system. This is not true for EVERY phone, but those that have this capability are shown on the Parrot website.

    Thanks, you mean selecting the address book entry from the phone itself, or scrolling from the Parrot unit on the dash?

    Regarding the voice recognition, do phone voice tags get automatically uploaded to the Parrot? That will be too good to be true, I suspect voice dialing will require separate voice recording?

    If the Parrot works well, I may consider running it together with the PCM internal phone module.

    Re: Additional questions about Parrot

    I think it works with the voice tags in the phone. I have only had it installed for a few days and have yet to get fully practised in its use. The phonebook is automatically synchronized in the Parrot CK3100 each time you start the system. You then can scroll through the phonebook on the Parrot LCD display with a rotating knob to a desired letter, then press the knob to get that letter's list of names.

    I suggest you give a call to in Dania Beach, FL and ask for Michael. He can answer all your questions. Tel (954)929-2524. They are the North American distributor for Parrot.

    Thanks Bill

    Very useful info, will give Michael a call.

    Next Step

    I think the next step will be when Porsche will use BT technology like Audi/Volkswagen. Just insert you BT phone in a craddle and then it is automatically synchronized with the vehicle's phone module ....

    You don't have to pay for a cloned SIM card ( Euro 10.0 per month here in France), no synchronization problem and normally no brand problem with your cell phone (Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, SonyEricsson...)

    I think PCM II is a kind of "temporary" system that is in my view not great in its current definition.



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