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    Please tell my mom to dump...

    ...the power seats and add the 19" Sport Designs. It's an either or thing.

    She received assigned production status for her MY06 997 today.

    Lapis/Natural brown with lots of goodies.

    Re: Please tell my mom to dump...

    Power seats may be more comfortable if she has back problems. You can always get aftermarket wheels somewhere down the line. Remember.....Mom knows best. Her house..Her rules. You're going to love it anyway.

    Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    The cleaning/detailing guy at the dealer told me they were the biggest pain in the asX wheels he has to clean. "Don't make my life a misery by bringing them here for me to clean"

    If you convince your Mom be prepared to sweat often to get rid of brake dust so they look beautiful.

    Unless there's only ever one driver power seats are very useful and have lumbar support that makes them more comfortable on long journeys.

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    She will be only driver, and that was my point to her. The seat will never move. I'm away at college and only go home eat, visit, and detail their cars. Father has his Pepper Turbo, I have my 986 S, and she will finally get her own.

    Did did take my advice on all the other options though. I'll keep you guys updated.

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    Hey Matt's Mom, get the Sport Design Wheels!

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    I had the Sport Design and ended up selling them and getting Carrera Classics. I absolutely hated to clean Sport Design; a huge PIA. Besides, the Carrera Classic shows off the brake calipers and rotos so much better.

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    Carrera Classics with PCCBs. Cleaning heaven.

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    Power seats are great for long trips where a slight adjustment here and there allows you to assist your circulation. IMO, they are essential for comfort if you're over 30.

    Sport design wheels should come with knee pads and tooth brush as standard.

    You're a bad boy trying to do things which make life more difficult for your mom.

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    They should come with carpel tunnel insurance is more like it!

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    What's a Pepper Turbo?

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    Cayenne Turbo

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    Ahhh yes. That Pepper.

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    Hello fellow Canadian. Happy Canada day (ok. it ended 7 minutes ago).

    Re: Enjoy cleaning the Sport Designs!

    i say get the carrera classics they looks very nice and will be much easier to clean!



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