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    Max Mosley - not up for re-election


    PARIS — FIA president Max Mosley says there will be a unified Formula One championship in 2010 after reaching a cost-cutting deal with the eight teams which threatened to form a rival series.

    As a result of Wednesday's deal in Paris, Mosley says: "I will not be up for re-election now we have peace."

    Mosley had announced over the weekend that he was seriously considering running for a fifth term as head of F1's governing body.

    Eight teams - Ferrari, McLaren, BMW Sauber, Renault, Toyota, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Brawn GP - had announced they were pulling out of F1 last Friday after talks broke down over the introduction of a voluntary $65 million budget cap that would have taken effect next season.

    Re: Max Mosley - not up for re-election

    Smax got spanked!

    Re: Max Mosley - not up for re-election

    I hope its not true that they reached a peace agreement and everything will go back to the same in 2010 because Max is only part of the problem, Bernie needs to leave too and his city circuits with him, and Max's FIA friends and their caotic regulations as well. A FOTA F1 series would bring back the traditional exiting tracks that wer dropped in favor of boring tracks in non-traditional F1 countries because those countries paid Bernie well in exchange for publicity, the pilots would have a grater say in which things should be changed in order to make races more exiting and Teams would have a greater say in with budget control changes would be more effective without detriment to the competion or entertauiment.None of that will happen in only Max is not re-elected, and who is to say a puppet won't be the one taking Mosley's place.


    Re: Max Mosley - not up for re-election

    The "gang leader" is Bernie so as long as he rules that's how it will be. F1 will remain lots of hype without real racing. Although he came from a racing team the product he manufactured is not good. True, millions now watch F1 and the majority outside traditional Europe (compared to the classic era) but so what, if the spectacle is boring?

    An F1 personality should be put in charge of F1, an ex-champion or a respected figure with determination to change things.


    It's not where you're going, it's how you get there that counts

    Re: Max Mosley - not up for re-election

    More overtaking! (get rid of the double diffuser).

    No more re-fueling!

    One type of tires that last the whole race too (that would be eco friendly no?)

    Re: Max Mosley - not up for re-election

    Another article...

    BREAKING: F1 reunites as Max Mosely reportedly forced to quit F1


    After all of this year's soap opera stories in Formula One, it appears there will be a unified championship series next year after all. According to The Times UKcontroversial F1 boss Max Mosley has been "forced into a humiliating climbdown as president of the FIA," and his reign is over effective today.

    Apparently, with the Formula One Teams Association's (FOTA) plan to build its own breakaway series and take most of its highest-profile (and highest-dollar) draws away with it, the FIA realized that something had to be done. Eight teams, including Ferrari, McLaren, BMW Sauber, and Brawn GP had pulled out of the series over concerns relating to a new £40m budget cap (around $66m USD).

    With Mosley's departure effective immediately, F1 teams and the sanctioning body have agreed to cost cuts with the goal of getting spending outlays back down to the that of the early Nineties within two years. 

    Mosley has agreed to end his 16 year term at the FIA and not seek re-election to another office.


    Thanks, MJSpeed

    Re: Max Mosley - not up for re-election

    Not up for re-erection anymore? Smiley Smiley

    There is no try. Just do.

    Re: Max Mosley - not up for re-election

     Bring in Jean (Todt)!



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