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    Turbo-sound by Techart

    Hi guys - just want to share with you an almost unreal sound impression from a 997 TT with a modded exhaust.
    The car participated in the Porsche Sports Driving School Precision Training at Baden Airpark last weekend (I will post a separate thread about the event on the Porsche board), so that I had the opportunity to listen to the sound for two days
    The sound of the car was out of this world - every time the driver stomped on the gas pedal, the entire track was filled with a fighter-jet like noise, simply unbelievable Even the GT3s sounded tame in comparison (no kidding!)
    Everytime the TT-driver was going for it, all the other participants turned their heads and just laughed
    The only thing I know is that the car has been equipped with a Techart exhaust (sorry - I didn't ask about the tech details ). I don't know whether it works like the PSE (on/off switch), but it seemed to me that the car sounded rather normal during the low speed exercises (skidpad etc.) and only generated the fighter-jet like sound when driven hard.
    I'm sure RC has some knowledge of the tech details and pros/cons of such exhaust.

    Re: Turbo-sound by Techart

    Nice! Techart only has two exhausts for the 997 Turbo (unless it was a GTstreet based 997 Turbo?). Only one of these two exhausts is road legal in Germany, SPORT EXHAUST SYSTEM "SPORT", while the other not, SPORT EXHAUST SYSTEM "RACING". Neither of these has valves (at least according to the specifications).

    On another note, I saw a 997 Turbo with Techart exhaust pipes the other day and noticed that the "outer" oval is fake. Only the "inner" oval had an opening for the exhaust pipe. Had to surf to the Techart homepage to check out... this is all bling-bling:

    Re: Turbo-sound by Techart

    Porsche-Jeck said:
    ...the Porsche Sports Driving School Precision Training at Baden Airpark last weekend (I will post a separate thread about the event on the Porsche board), ...for two days

    Hi Porsche-Jeck, hope you're well! Now I'm looking forward to reading your detailed report (and of course seeing pics) of the PDE.

    Re: Turbo-sound by Techart

    Where is the sound link?

    Re: Turbo-sound by Techart

    You went to PDE and didn't bring a videocamera...

    Re: Turbo-sound by Techart

    temm said:
    You went to PDE and didn't bring a videocamera...

    Yeah I know - my bad
    It's even worse - the stick of my digicam seems to be broken What a disaster
    Hope the pro photographer who took tons of pics will send the CD-Rom with his pics soon

    @ Tulsa Turbo: maybe you can get a soundfile directly from Techart The sound is hard to describe with words



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