The snow is gone in our region and the winter makes a break.

Red Nipples 991.2 GT3 Touring is road registered again and tomorrow the first trip will be to my friend with his motorsport scale to find out how fat the car is, compared to my last year stripper 991.2 Carrera T. (with full tank and PCCB 1.423Kg)

I bought the Touring used from my OPC, so the frist owner sadly ordered some more options like Bose, Lift, Leather. The car has  red brakes and the large fuel it should be heavier than the T.

Next trip on monday will be to Manthey-Racing at the Nürburgring for a suspension setup and some more...Smiley

In March a Liteblox-Battery will be fitted to the car to compensate some of the options.

I´ll keep you informed with some pics and infos.

Have fun on on the weekend