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    Re: Someone has damaged my C2S

    SrfCity said:
    OO7GT3 said:
    ....Oh it gets better. After I finally convinced the cop that the kid was the perp (he left a shoe print on my hood) I called my insurance company (GEICO) who obliquely suggested I should just let it go or I could be dropped for possibly being involved in a pedestrian vs. car accident...then their body shop gave me a $997 bill...just $3 bucks shy of my deductible. Then, when I traded in the car the dealership docked me $1K for the repaint.

    Jeez, it's making it tougher and tougher to own a nice car these days. That along with the cops eyeballing us ready to give a ticket, it's taking all the fun out of things.

    thats the problem, it is making something that is a true source of enjoyment for us become a hassle & a fear !... i don't want to worry about my car, or the cost of it, i work hard to be able to enjoy it. Thanks guys for your kind comments, lets hope the Police have some luck with the fingerprints.....i will get it repaired & continue to enjoy what is a dream of mine & a truly awesome car.

    And if i catch the f'ing b*****d then i shall take my revenge !

    Re: Someone has damaged my C2S

    That's the spirit mate! Don't let the little toerags get you down or spoil your fun. The closest they will ever get to a Porsche is seeing a photo of one or vandalising one.

    Re: Someone has damaged my C2S

    stubenhocker said:
    jamesaug said:

    For me I hope it's your car they get then. I for one think respect for someone else's property should come before trying to understand the behavior of some little sociopath!

    For the record In Singapore they cane miscreants for vandalism such as this. Remember the American bloke from a few years back. I wonder how much more graffiti he has sprrad since then?

    A just society is not one which preserves the rights of the perpetrator over the rights of the victim! Yes everyone is entitled to his day in court, but if convicted, SWIFT, SURE and JUST punishment needs administered, not psychoanalysis!

    Couldn't agree more! If this new way of educating our young is better than the way we were educated, explain to me why is society quickly spiralling towards anarchy and self destruction? When I was growing up, if you misbehaved at school, the teacher would crack your head with her knuckles and you wouldn't dare say what happened at home for fear of getting it worse. If you disrespected another adult, that adult could have smacked you and told your parents, who would in turn smack you right in front of the offended adult. As far as I am concerned, I love my parents to death so this cry baby crap of a kid being a misfit once he becomes an adult because he got smacked once or twice when young is complete and utter bull...t! I believe the previous generations of adults older than mine (born in the 30s and 40s) who are still amongst us are a perfect example of this as compared to the punk (I'm generalizing of course, as there are nice kids around now too) generation born in the 80s and 90s. The system took away our right to punish and teach discipline (without abusing, of course) to our kids and then makes us responsible for when they turn rotten as teenagers or adults.

    Re: Someone has damaged my C2S


    Get with it, start thinking and voting for caning.

    It makes quite an impression on vandals.

    Singapore is a clean safe city. Just don't break any laws; it's easy to follow rules if you're NOT an eedeeit.



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