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    997 GT3 Cup Grand-Am spec announced...

    Porsche Factory Builds 911 GT3 Cup Racers For Grand-Am...

    SANTA ANA, Calif. - January 3 - For the first time since it started building 911 Cup race cars more than 15 years ago, Porsche Motorsports has built Cup cars to specific series rules.

    The factory has constructed 12 - 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race cars to for the 2007 Rolex Grand-Am series customers in accordance with current Grand-Am GT rules.

    The cars should be delivered to the teams which ordered them by the January 4 - 6, 2007 Grand-Am test days at Daytona International Speedway.

    "Our Grand-Am customers have worked hard in the past modifying our Cup cars to meet Grand-Am specifications, so when we asked if they would like to purchase a car that was a turn-key racer for the series, we received a very positive response," said Uwe Brettel, president of Porsche Motorsport North America, the subsidiary of the factory responsible for selling race cars and competition parts for the Porsche factory in the US and Canada.

    "Because of this customer need, and out of respect for the importance and stature of the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, the Porsche factory agreed to build the cars for our Grand-Am customers, and, at this point, they are all sold," said Brettel.

    "We have a great line-up of GT customer teams running in the upcoming Rolex 24, and our teams will announce themselves and their drivers shortly," Brettel added.

    Roger Edmondson, president of Grand American Road Racing, Inc., is also pleased that Porsche has built Grand-Am-specific cars, and pointed out that Porsche's reputation for GT class success proceeds their prototype fame.

    "Porsche has a great tradition in endurance racing, both in prototype and GT classes, and we are pleased that the factory has committed to both classes again in 2007. Although they did not win the GT class last year, the have renewed their commitment to the class by building cars specifically for our series. Porsche's first racing victories in the late 1940's were with GT cars in class, and this action shows their commitment to continuing that success," said Edmundson.

    Changes included in the special Cup model include a complete fuel system including fuel cell, all suspension joints in uni-ball bearing, special Brembo front and rear brake calipers, five-stud wheel hubs, and special driver side safety cage, plus other technical items.

    In addition to the GT Porsches, several teams will have Porsche-powered Daytona Prototypes in the 2007 Rolex Grand-Am series, including Alex Job Racing, Eddie Cheever Racing, and Brumos Racing. Those team driver announcements will be finalized in the coming weeks.

    Porsche Daytona 24 Hours Facts:

    * Overall Wins: 20 (first in 1968; most recent in 2003)
    * Class Wins: 60
    * Porsche 911 Wins: 35 Overall and Class Victories
    * Initial Overall Win: 1968
    * GT Class Wins: 25
    * SGS Class wins (class ran only in 2004): 1
    * 20 Race Winning Streak (overall or class): 1966-1987
    * Finished 1-2 overall in 11 Daytona 24-Hours
    * GT class winner finishing second overall: 2001, 2004
    * From 1977 to 1988, Porsche had compiled 12 consecutive overall wins
    * GTX Series Winner: 1978-1981
    * GTP Series Winner: 1982-89, 1991

    2007 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Grand Am Version

    Vehicle Description (997 Type)

    - single-seated, near-standard race vehicle in accordance with the 2006 Grand American Rolex Series Regulations

    - water cooled flat six-cylinder boxer engine
    - 3,598 cc, stroke 76.4 mm, bore 99,98 mm diameter
    - max. power: 309 kW (420 BHP)
    - max. torque: 410 Nm
    - max. rpm: 8,400 rpm
    - four valves per cylinder
    - dry-sump lubrication
    - two-stage resonance intake manifold, central inlet air duct
    - electronic engine management system MS 3.1
    - sequential multi-point fuel injection
    - required fuel quality: 98 octane ROZ, unleaded
    - race exhaust system in accordance with Grand-Am Regulations

    Power Train:
    - six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox
    gear ratios:
    ring & pinion gear 8/32 i = 4.0
    1st gear 12/38 i = 3.16
    2nd gear 15/32 i = 2.13
    3rd gear 18/31 i = 1.72
    4th gear 20/28 i = 1.40
    5th gear 26/30 i = 1.15
    6th gear 28/27 i = 0.96
    - pressure-oil lubrication
    - oil-water heat exchanger
    - single-mass flywheel
    - hydraulic clutch center-release mechanism
    - 5.5" triple-disc sintered-metal clutch
    - limited slip differential 40/60 per cent
    - rear-wheel drive

    - self-supporting body shell made out of galvanized sheet steel
    - carbon fiber doors with window frame and plastic rear-view mirrors
    - carbon fiber rear lid
    - welded-in roll cage incl. shoulder- and door bar
    - air jack system
    - aerodynamically optimized front bumper and front spoiler edge
    - carbon fiber rear bumper
    - racing seat (driver side only) with fire retardant upholstery
    - six-point seat belt
    - removable steering wheel (with quick-release coupling)
    - electric fire extinguishing system
    - 100 liter FT3 fuel tank


    Front axle:
    - McPherson strut-type axle
    - all struts supported by Unibal links
    - Sachs gas pressure shock absorbers
    - double coil springs (main spring and helper spring)
    - two-piece lower control arms for camber adjustment
    - blade-type anti-roll bar
    - damper mounted to upright with twin-clamp system
    - power steering with electro-hydraulic pressure feed

    Rear axle:
    - multilink rear suspension with solidly mounted sub frame
    - all struts supported by Unibal links
    - Sachs gas pressure shock absorbers
    - double coil springs (main spring and helper spring)
    - two-piece lower control arms for camber adjustment
    - reinforced, continuously variable rear axle track rod
    - blade-type anti-roll bar
    - suspension continuously variable (height, camber, track)

    Brake System:
    - brake system with adjustable bias bar

    Front axle:
    - aluminum six-piston calipers, in accordance with the 2006 Grand American Rolex Series Regulations, internally vented brake discs, 380 mm diameter, race brake pads

    Rear axle:
    - aluminum four-piston calipers, in accordance with the 2006 Grand American Rolex Series Regulations, internally vented brake discs, 355 mm diameter, race brake pads


    Front axle:
    - three-piece BBS aluminum rims (9J x 18)
    - delivered with Michelin rain tires (24/64-18)
    - final rim size and offset will be determined by Hoosier tire sizes

    Rear axle:
    - three-piece BBS aluminum rims (11,5J x 18)
    - delivered with Michelin rain tires (27/68-18)
    - final rim size and offset will be determined by Hoosier tyre sizes

    - Motec display with integrated data recording
    - battery: 12 Volt, 50 Ah
    - 90 Ah generator

    Vehicle Weight:
    - approx. 1140 kg

    (water-based paint)
    Exterior: Carrera white B9A
    Interior: white filler coat, no clear-coat finish


    997 GT3 Carrera Cup GB - More power for 2008...

    More power for 2008 Carrera Cup car...

    A significant power increase is the major change for the Porsche 911GT3 Cup car that will be at the heart of the 2008 Porsche Carrera Cup GB.

    The new car, developed and built by Porsche Motorsport in Weissach, will feature an impressive 420bhp, an increase of 20bhp over the existing cars, along with a number of detail changes.

    A production run of 18 new cars will be available in the UK for use in the Carrera Cup GB. The new car has been developed for use in the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup and the growing number of Carrera Cups across the world.

    Demand for the 18 cars is expected to be high, both from existing Carrera Cup GB teams and from teams and drivers seeking to join the series in 2008.

    "This further underlines our long-term commitment to the Carrera Cup GB," said Geoff Turral, General Manager of Marketing, at Porsche Cars GB. "We will be working closely with existing and prospective teams over the coming weeks to make the 2008 season the best yet."

    The announcement has been met with enthusiasm by the current leading teams in the Carrera Cup GB.

    Simon Leonard, Red Line Racing: "The Carrera Cup is a fantastic championship and I'll support it fully. It will be a new challenge with the new cars and I've already sold the seats for our cars in 2008."

    Stuart Parker, Team Parker Racing: "We want to be in the Carrera Cup again in 2008 and it is our intention to run a multi-car team."

    David Bartrum, Motorbase Performance: "It will be good to have a new fleet of cars for the Carrera Cup. It's a great championship and we want to be there with a full squad of cars next year."

    Plans are currently being drawn up to enable current model cars to continue in the Carrera Cup GB via a multi-class structure.

    The high-profile Carrera Cup GB will continue to be at the forefront of British motor racing in 2008 as a prime support race to the MSA British Touring Car Championship, with a 20-race programme over 10 weekends.




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