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    Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    Hello guys,

    Before I tell you about the problems with my car, ill just give you a brief history:

    Got the car new in Feb 2008 for $105k USD, and used it as a daily car ever since.
    Its a white C2S, with red interior, full options inside and the Porsche Aerokit for the exterior. I retro-fitted the PSE a few months later, and in July 08 I fitted a matte black foil on it for $7k USD from those guys: ( and thats where things started going horribly wrong. It was by far the worst decision ive made.

    Now its July 09 and im serious considering selling the car. I am completely fed up with it and I actually get headaches after driving it for more than 2 hours or so. Unfortunately its a very bad timing to be selling cars and it will be going for as low as $60k USD, at merely 1.5 years old.

    However, im now wondering if there is any way to repair the problems so I can keep it. Here is a list of problems:

    1. Stuff rattling and vibrating in the car. That includes seat belt holder, passenger side door pouch, the under-belly of the center console, and god knows what else. By far the most aggravating thing of all.
    2. Wind noise.. its excessive, especially at speeds above 100 km/h. It started at the same time I put the foil on the car.. and as they basically took the car apart to put the foil properly (doors, side view mirrors, both bumpers etc), I think they didnt refit the parts very well.. or maybe its impossible to refit it with the same precision as it was when originally manufactured? Anyway, a MAJOR issue as well.
    3. Road noise.. I can hear everything from outside. It is almost as bad as if I have the windows down. Outside noise is at completely unacceptable levels. I have a friend that has a 07 C2 and another that has a 02 C4S and their cars are virtually silent compared to mine. I actually have to almost be shouting in my car in order to be heard, especially above 80km/h. And when the wind noise kicks in.. its completely unbearable.
    4. Engine noise. The PSE sounds great and ive even done the mod and have it on full volume all the time now.. but at low rpm, theres a very wierd 'whizzing' sound. if I let go of the throttle.. then very slighly touch it, I can here a squeel or a whizz coming from the engine, and increases as I increase throttle. If I let go of the throttle, the sound instantly dies. Maybe the engine belt needs lubrication? Or intake clogged up and making sounds? I dont know.


    Anyway, my question is.. is there ANY chance that the above mentioned items can be fixed and brought back to a virtually new condition? The car is just WAY WAY WAY too noisy to drive as it is at the moment, completely unbearable. I am thinking that its a problem on such a small scale.. u know, millimeters here and there in terms of gaps between body parts, that is causing it, and im not sure it would be possible to fix that. The interior is very annoying, I have changed the seat belt holder 3 times and the rattling comes back within 2 weeks. If it cant be fixed.. the only option would be to sell it, as I absolutely cant live with it anymore. It feels almost like a kit car.. or like a car that was in a very bad accident, which it definitely wasnt.


    Do you guys think that its possible to restore the state of the car to what it was like originally before they pulled the peices apart when they put the foil on? Any tips / advice / insight would be most appreciated.

    Re: Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    Really sorry to hear about your problem.  Did you go to the 'German' foilacar or the local one?  There is a big dispute about Foilacar in the UAE, and apparently, according to the German company, the local company has taken over his business (legally, though not ethically), and does not do the work as well as the original.  The original company has now again set up a new operation, under the same name, and so there are TWO foilacars in the UAE!!! 

    Anyway, that is now academic, as I understand.  Maybe you could go back to foilcacar and blow your top, and make them rectify the problem.  If that doesn't work, ask them to remove the foil and bring the car back to the original (and get your money back if your bargaining skills are good!).  Maybe whilst refitting the parts they get it right this time?  If the problem still remains you could go to the OPC, Alex Renner (, or House of Cars ( to see if they can fix the problem.

    Really hope you can find a solution to your problem!  All the best!



    Re: Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    Unfortunately, at the time I put the foil on, the local company was still affiliated with the German company and it was only a few weeks after that, that they decided to split up. I have tried everything with the guys at foil a car, but as expected they simply denied having anything to do with it and wouldnt really look at it much. A refund would be impossible 1 year after it was fitted.

    I was thinking about removing the foil and all that, but even that doesnt ensure that the car will return to a good state.. and if thats the case then it might be better to sell it with the foil since it looks better. That also doesnt fix the problems with the stuff rattling inside and the engine noise.

    Do you think house of cars / armotors do a better job than the porsche workshop in Al Qouz? 

    Re: Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    Yes, you have a point.  The only reason I was suggesting you get the foil out was to start with a 'clean slate', so that the trouble-shooting could start from scratch.  But I now realise that it would be a huge exercise and very time and money-consuming.  

    I don't know about House of Cars, but Alex Renner I have heard is good, as they have some enthusiasts working there.  They also put up a team for the local Sports Car racing championships so I think they know a thing or two about Porsches.  But I have not had personal experience with either - just the OPC, which is like any service centre - good for the routine stuff, but you need to persevere with the unconventional stuff.  They are very sticky about warranty issues, though...

    It might be worth going to these guys and see what they suggest.  I hope one of them can offer you a solution!  I would go to the OPC first and see if they could do your job under warranty!  (I know that's a tall order!!)

    Re: Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    Sorry to hear about your problems but, to be honest, I cannot really see the difficulties to solve them.

    The rattling inside the cabin as well as the uncommon noise coming from the engine should be solved by the dealership, especially if you are still under warranty. How did you unplug the exhaust? If you disconnected the vacuum hose, make sure to re-seal the system.

    Does the foil company unmount the doors on your car? I assume that they are misaligned and expose an opening at one of either side doors, the current Porsche sportscars feature frameless windows which are more prone to this effect. Check back with someone experienced whether they can solve the problem re-aligning the doors or side windows or find any damage to door or window seals.

    Whatever the issues, I would solve them first and foremost to regain a decent resale value (should you still want to sell the car) and, secondly, have peace of mind by figuring out the reasons for these occurrences. Good luck!

    Re: Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    Yes Arshad, I will give them a call and see what they have to say about it.

    Ferdie, unfortunately the dealership here in Dubai are quite bad. They are overloaded with work, understaffed and usually rush their jobs a lot. I went to them about the wind noise probably 5 times, and every time their engineers or service advisor test drives my car he claims the wind noise is "normal". Similiar responses are given to items rattling inside the car, and the engine noises. Either they are ignoring it on purpose or they simply do not really concentrate when doing their jobs. Either way, its very frustrating. 

    I will be checking the door alignment.

    Re: Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    Flagg, unfortunately, this is exactly the type of response they would give.  Hopefully the other independents could help.  Fingers crossed!


    Re: Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    To significantly redue vibrations, reduce your tire pressure. 

    This is not a theory, that is what happened to me three years ago.  Everything was vibrating and I also thought of selling the car.  After months of agony and countless visits to the dealer, I found that the tires were seriously over inflated.  I adjusted the pressure according to Porsche's recommendation and vibrations almost went away.   Your ride and road noise will also improve.

    Dealers usually over inflate the tires. 

    If you have TPMS, set the system to partial load.  Then use the system to check if any wheel is over inflated.  With partial load, your tire pressure should be 33 PSI Front and 39 PSI rear at 68F.  In the owner manual, you can find the pressure and ambient temprature coversion to the units used in your country.  If you do not have TPMS, buy a pressure guage.  If not available, ask your dealer to show you the pressure in each tire.

    It is so important to get the tire pressure right.  Just do it.


    Re: Need help.. problems with 08 C2S

    Thanks for the tire pressure tip.

    I have had a look at the pressure/temperature chart in my drivers manual, however it doesnt give u the recommended pressures for the front and rear tyres. I used the little bit connected to the underside of the left door and it said my rear tyres should range between 40-44 psi, with the upper range being in case luggage was usually carried as well. Checking the 2 rear tyres, they were both on 40 psi. Front Tyres had to be between 34-37 and they were both on 34. I dont imagine increasing their pressure would make a difference in terms of vibrations? Bearing in mind temperatures here in Dubai these days are usually 40 C degrees and above.



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