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    Tyre advice

    GT3 tyre advice

    Well, arrival of GT3 is emminent. She will ofcourse come With her running mpsc-shoes On.
    But I'm looking for something more aquaplanning resitant to wear for the next 3 months.

    Apparently, PS2's for the rear are not availabe where-ever I called.

    Leaving not much Option Open....

    Bridgestones RE50's
    Pirelli Rosso's (not really my favourits... they wear even when standing still)
    Dunlop SP Sport Maxx (what's in a name, not N certified either)

    Any other Options?
    Any comments/usefull insights?

    Re: Tyre advice

    Not sure if they are available in your size but the Continental SportContact 2 have tremendous traction in wet conditions (obviously naturally limited in regards of hydroplaning). My second choice would be the Bridgestone RE050.

    Ever considered winter tires? Depending on your choice of use, there'd be different solutions in my eyes.

    Re: Tyre advice

    I watched an episode of Top Gear the other day where Clarkson profiled the Ferrari 430. When the Stig drove it around their course, it came in a bit slower than the 360 Challenge Stradale. Both the Stig and a Ferrari test driver said it was because the 430 was on Bridgestone Potenza's, while the 360 was on Pirelli P-Zeros.

    I was considering the Bridgestone's to replace my Pilot's when they are worn because they are less expensive. If you track the car and the best possible performance is important to you, you might want to keep that in mind and do some research on it.

    Re: Tyre advice

    I have the Pirellis...

    The grip on the wet is better than the PS2.
    Its true that they tend to use up but you cant have it all

    Re: Tyre advice

    Thanks for the replies...

    The tyres will be used as "winter"-tyres, since in Belgium, we only have a few months "wet"-weather instead of a real cold-snowy winter...

    They will not really be used on track , as soon as march is comming the MSPC's will go back on anyway...

    Re: Tyre advice

    Pzero's tend to wear a lot. I had pzero nero asimmetrico on my 996tt and they weared out in about 10000km with very calm and quiet driving. Other problem with the pzero is the noise: as far as they wear out their noise starts to be so high that you can summon deads with it.
    Rather then that they offer very high grip with a balanced stiffness ratio between lateral and vertical.
    Michelin are normally stiffer in lateral then in vertical driving to a lower consumption ratio but a lower grip and bridgestone are the opposite. Soft in lateral and stiff in vertical.

    Relative to tires performance: a lot depends on the suspension stiffness and setting. A car can be fast on a tire and slow if equipped with another one (see 360 with pzero and bridgestone for example). Front suspension was not stiff enough to suit bridgestone tires so this is the reason why the car was not performing that good with them.


    Re: Tyre advice

    Thanks silvershadow for the information!

    Re: Tyre advice

    i am driving on the PZero Corsas and i have to say so far they have been very good for the tire they are on the cold and mostly wet streets here. Even in rain they made a pretty solid impression, only when their icecold they tend to scid a bit at start.
    the profile is much more made for every day use then the MPSC, cant wait to see the difference on the track once its dry for once..!!



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