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    I know a few of your guys have these. What's your take on them?

    I nearly ordered one last week. As I don't have a nearby track that I can practice standing starts on though, I was put off by the idea that this would encourage me to use public roads to push my cars = dangerous + no more license!!

    It does look like something worth buying though. I am even curious about the BHP estimate the box is said to give. I wanted to see if during the life-cycle of a Porsche the power increases substantially after running in (I know my Carrera S is much faster now than it used to be).

    Can I ask where you guys typically measure such runs? Do you just find a public long straight deserted piece of road?


    Re: Performancebox

    Luckily, I've got an NHRA sanctioned drag-strip within a 1/2 hour of my house, at near sea-level, noted as one of the quickest and stickiest tracks in the U.S...

    My opinion?? Acceleration runs only really "count" for me when they're run at a track. These boxes always seem to get "in the ballpark", but are usually a 1/2 second off reality, one way or the other, compared to the drag-strip...

    So you're spending money on a piece of equipment, that is giving you data that is only worth what you want to make of it, doing it under risky circumstances, and abusing your hardware (997) in the process of gaining this rather meaningless data...

    Toys are fun and all, but I only abuse my cars with hard-launches at a track, where the time-slips count for true bragging-rights... You can never brag about a time you ran on a performance box...

    Re: Performancebox

    Nice toy but works pretty good when using the external GPS antenna (a MUST!). Professional equipment starts at around 2000 Euro and more but the Performancebox is doing a pretty good job for it's money.

    Re: Performancebox

    RC said:
    Nice toy but works pretty good when using the external GPS antenna (a MUST!). Professional equipment starts at around 2000 Euro and more but the Performancebox is doing a pretty good job for it's money.

    Ii works really well without the antenna.. I have it and it has no problem... I also have the antenna but I use it when I want to use my performancebox on track to copy down the length and width of the track to my laptop...

    Very accurate for its money.. Dont forget the Vbox which is the profesional tool that Rc is talking about is produced by the same company (racelogic)

    Re: Performancebox

    I did a back to back test with the Drift Box (similar to the Performance box) and the AX22 and they gave very almost identical results.
    If you have over 500hp it is pretty easy to find a strectch of road in the UK to do a run up to around 150mph.
    I never do standing start runs as I have no desire to break things -I just run up through 60mph or 100kph under full load and then use manufacturers 0-60(100) to work out acceleration.
    The important thing with using this device is to be realistic, once you have done many runs (I have probably done over 100 runs with terminal speeds over 150mph) and on different surfaces you get to know what a particular car will achieve and if it deviates significantly you can analyse the run and find out why.
    I always record ambient temperature, air pressure car running (weight how much fuel, occupants) and surface.
    For the CGT lie ? thread I did 9 runs 100-300kph and they were all within ~1s of each other and the terminal speed recorded on the runway measuring equipment was identical with the Driftbox speed @ 193mph



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