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    rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    i am looking forward to buy a rhd 07 cayenne s, my budget is quite low, the invoice price in the usa of cayenne s is around 40+, i want a very basic cayenne s, how much will it cost me with out the taxes? i will import the suv to my country and the tax in here will be my responsiblity.
    feedback from you guys will be appreciated

    thank you =)

    Re: rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    anyone ?

    Re: rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    there are no 2007 cayennes.... 2006 or 2008?

    Re: rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    yes sorrry , the facelifted my08...
    is it possible to get one under 50.000 usd ?

    Re: rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    Unlikely you will find one on the used market so soon after their release.

    Re: rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    no you did not get my point..
    i want to know the invoice price, not the retail price..
    i will import the car to my country and the tax here is 200% suppose the car is valued at 60.000 usd, i'll have to pay about 120.000 customs tax in my country...

    Re: rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    I think you will find that if you try and under value the car someone will figure it out and charge you the tax on the amount the car costs in Chittagong! The same law applies in most countries - I work in logistics and my company handles all official Porsche import / exports cars and parts this includes India, Pakistan and your country - Bangladesh where tax collectors are particularly greedy!

    For customs clearance you need a commercial invoice - I can create one now! It won't wash with any customs agent who know's what he is talking about. The reason being, customs agents, check market values when they see a personal importer and if your figure is based on a car that is particularly expensive in Bangladesh they will have a field day with you.

    I wouldn't risk it, there are plenty of products all around the world that are sitting in bonded warehouses collecting dust because someone thought they could outsmart the system.

    At any rate, your question is wrong. You want to know what the best cost price you can get for a RHD Cayenne. I can tell you know that you will never buy a Cayenne at cost from Porsche so the best you can do is buy a RHD car from the country that has the cheapest price for a RHD Porsche which is Japan. The price here would be USD 65,000 or so.

    I do know how you can cheat the system but that could result in you in getting in trouble and I wouldn't want that would I : )

    Re: rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    thanks porky tokyo
    65.000 usd is a pretty good price..
    i know the customs here is a pain in the A**
    we have imported cars to bangladesh before,
    i know what you mean
    i wont cheat the system, i'll pay the required taxes
    which is about 200% of the invoice price, the dealer price in bangladesh is way too high,to be honest the porsche dealer in bangladesh is a thief,they rip off.
    and all the cayennes were imported duty free under member of parliament pass,yes SUVs were allowed duty-free for the MPs,but the mp pass system has been banned by the current goverment
    so my point is they dont have a market value because none of them were duty-paid..
    now i have to find out a way to declare the real price.
    can you get me any ideas ? and can you offer me a unit of cayenne ?

    Re: rhd cayenne S invoice price ?

    I can get you a car from Japan - I have sold cars to people overseas already - one was an Indian dude. PM is you want to get one and I will help make arrangements



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