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    Next generation Turbo ? Out of the news section.

    Some people saw the camouflaged Ferrari pictures in the News section and highly doubted that this is a Porsche.
    Kudos to the Porsche people if they were really that clever to use a Ferrari body as a camouflage.

    I want to ask those people a simple question:

    1. why is this Maranello camouflaged, there is no reason to do that ?
    2. why the long exhaust pipes in the rear which don't look OEM ?
    3. why should Ferrari test a mule in the Stuttgart area, next to Porsche Ludwigsburg ? Ferrari has no production in Germany. The pictures have been taken 200 m (!) from Porsche Ludwigsburg.
    4. did you know that Porsche used for example Mercedes ML bodies for secret Cayenne testing ? Why not doing the same with a Maranello body ? The Maranello is big/long enough to store all the necessary equipment and prototype technique.

    Porsche never acknowledged that they plan a 4. model range but it is almost sure that Porsche wants to expand their activities and the rumored Grand Tourer would be a good start to do that, besides the upcoming Cayenne.

    And a final personal word: trust, we know what we're talking about, even if we cannot always prove it to you.

    Re: Next generation Turbo ? Out of the news section.


    A 4. model range seems very likely. At the end of February, I got a letter from my Porsche dealer saying following:

    "Im Spätherbst wird Porsche den neuen Cayenne präsentieren. Eine weitere Ausweitung der Modellplatte ist nicht ausgeschlossen. [...]"

    Which I'd translate as:
    "Porsche will present the new Cayenne in late fall. A broader model range is not excluded. [...]"

    And because of that, they're starting to build a brand new "Porsche Center" near Zurich (Switzerland) that should be ready early 2004...


    Re: Next generation Turbo ? Out of the news section.


    Good information and I thank you, but anyone can speculate as he or she see's fit.

    Your last paragraph struck a chord as I'm assume that you are suggesting that you and Rennteam, are never wrong about anything, and your sources and information are infallible.

    With all due respect and I mean no offense, but I'd suggest that's pretty presumptious that everyone who reads this Board should take your word as gospel. Unless one is an
    employee of Porsche A.G., nobody really knows for certain.

    Re: Next generation Turbo ? Out of the news section.

    Well, the people behind are human and humans always make mistakes, you're absolutely right. But you also have to understand that we can't unveil every information source we have, therefore we can't always prove what we say, even if we know it is correct.
    Regarding the 4th Porsche model: IF Porsche will build it, they might announce it pretty soon. German dealers have been told that the Cayenne will be delivered to them around Oct./Nov. 2002, so my personal guess would be that Porsche will announce a possible 4th model shortly after or shortly before Cayenne introduction.

    Re: Next generation Turbo ? Out of the news section.

    Pierre, I really think that a 4th model is actually an unspoken fact. As far as I heard, dealers got a hint regarding a 4th model and I don't think that Porsche would do that without seriously considering or even developing a 4th model. What kind of 4th model could that be ? Well, I heard that it won't be a limousine but I won't bet on it. Personally I heard that a GT (Grand Tourismo) is very likely (some kind of modern 928) but as long as Porsche doesn't unveill any official information, we can't be 100% sure. As always with Porsche: surprise, surprise.
    The picture could indicate a possible product but note that this is NOT an official Porsche picture.

    Re: Next generation Turbo ? Out of the news section.

    Do you think that the GT model would fall in the Maranello\Vanquish performance price range?
    BTW I saw a Vanquish up close for the first time today and it looks really good in the steel.Too bad it's too heavy and comfort oriented for my taste.



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