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    FINALLY my car is back from Porsche Exclusive

    After 5 weeks finally got my car back from Zuffenhausen (by transport).
    Added the Exclusive options that I wanted from the beginning but they were not available at that time (April 2005 production).
    I will post some pictures when I have cleaned her AND the weather is getting better.

    LIST of added Exclusive Options (in German) :
    + PCM Paket Lackiert (GT Silber)
    + Y-Blende Multif. Lenkrad Alu Optik
    + Verkleidung Lenksäule Leder (Cocoa)
    + Verkleidung Rahmen Windschutzscheibe Leder
    + Deckel Sicherungskasten Leder
    + Blende Schalthebel Leder
    + Deckel Ablagefach Mit Boxster S Schriftzug
    + Innenspiegel Leder
    + Schwellerverkleidung Innen Leder
    + Spiegeldreieck (Links und Rechts) Leder
    + Schlüsselmäppchen Leder

    End of April my car goes in by the dealer to ad the Final Touch : The painting (GT Silver) of the complete plastic plating of my adaptive Sport Seats. I didn't ask that at Porsche Exclusive because they only paint the backpart of the sport seats not the airbag panel and not the lower side panel (with the controls).
    MAYBE I'm crazy but I will keep this car for A VERY LONG TIME (if all goes well) and THAT'S THE WAY I WANTED THE CAR (to look like) FROM THE START

    Re: FINALLY my car is back from Porsche Exclusive

    Congrats - can't wait for the pics when its all complete. Its good to hear you intend keeping the car for soem time as i imagine that lot cost silly money.

    Re: FINALLY my car is back from Porsche Exclusive

    I have been working on this since I ordered my car in december 2004.
    At first they had no news and NO DATES on when and what would become available for 987/997 on the Exclusive Department.
    Mails and telephones and FRIENDLY answers but nothing to work with. The Exclusive Program of 986/996 was still running and nobody coul/would give me answers, they even said that "normally" if the program for 987/997 would start it would only be for new cars, they only worked with cars that just left production and mine was (by then) already build and waiting for transport
    Finally I got news (directly from Exclusive at Zuffenhausen) that with MY06 they would start up the new program, so all orders for cars that left production starting from september could order the new Exclusive Options.
    MANY MANY telephones and mails later (I will spare you all the details) I got the news that since I was asking this for SO LONG and my list was "Quite Impressive" (Cash !!) they were going to do it for me.
    Then back to my dealer and back to the importer for prices of options AND transport (again weeks were passing) because it would cost me MORE then normal ordering (more then 1000 EURO OVER PRICE for my list).
    So FINALLY my car left five weeks ago and yesterday I picked her up, ALL MUDDY from transport because the weather was terrible.
    FINAL NOTE : I arranged the transport myself at 600 EURO because the transport company that works for the importer was asking 1250 EURO/travel - TOTAL 2500 EURO
    Still the sport seats to do and then it's FINISHED (I Hope )

    Re: FINALLY my car is back from Porsche Exclusive

    Congratulations! Finally you got the car you wanted all those months ago! Enjoy it in good health!

    Re: FINALLY my car is back from Porsche Exclusive

    Thanks Percymon and Easy Rider
    Just like you Easy, I wanted MY CAR to be finished AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO THE IMAGE I HAD IN MIND !!
    Bad for the wallet but EVER SO REWARDING

    Re: FINALLY my car is back from Porsche Exclusive

    any pics?

    Re: FINALLY my car is back from Porsche Exclusive

    very nice desicion!!

    althought it must be very expensive!!!

    Nevertheless, in these cases i say ,go with your heart, especially if you intent this to be a keeper!!!

    Please post pics, because i m sure everyone is eager to see the updated beauty!!

    Any of these Exclusive options that could be retrofitted IN your dealer and not the factory???

    i m very interested in Exclusive options

    happy driving

    Re: FINALLY my car is back from Porsche Exclusive

    THANKS Dilinger & Malmsteen, I will take pictures of my car once the seats are painted, so I guess it will be beginning of May. I will take some close-ups to see the nice details.

    @Dilinger : NORMALLY Exclusive Options, especially those in Leather, CAN NOT be retrofitted. I did ask a core exchange so that the pieces could be mounted at my Porsche Dealer : ANSWER of The Exclusive Department at Zuffenhausen, NO WAY !!
    So to get them, I had to transport my car back to the factory, NO OTHER WAY.



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