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    Transport my car to Germany

    Anyone here was able to transport their Porsche to Germany? I need some info on price/license/time of transport... is it worth it to transport my car there if I am not going to be there for 2 or 3 weeks?

    Also, after I am able to transport my Porsche to Germany, is it possible to drive to Italy and UK without or only in Germany?


    Re: Transport my car to Germany

    If you fly it, it costs around $3,500 ONE WAY. Only money...
    Some people actually do it to spend a weekend at the Nurburgring

    Re: Transport my car to Germany

    Some people actually do it to spend a weekend at the >Nurburgring

    The only problem is what if I crashed my car in Nurburgring?? no insurance Maybe renting a porsche is a smarter choice? But again, I am under age

    The beauty of the 'Ring is

    that it's a public road! So your insurance should cover everything, unless there is a special clause in your policy exluding the 'Ring. "A country road in Eiffel mountains" is the standard euphemism in the claim form, I believe

    Good luck trying to rent a Turbo! A Carrera shouldn't be a problem though.

    send you a PM..

    Re: Transport my car to Germany

    This is exactly what I'm planning to do after my visit to Hong Kong in June 2002. I had the Ring dreams for quite a while now and planning to ship my car from Los Angeles before I leave to Asia. So that I can coordinate and pick it up in Europe.


    But I don't think you will be able to ship it to Hong Kong, are you planning to leave the car in Europe or ship in the China (zuhai)?

    Re: Jean,

    I'm planning to ship my car to Germany before my business trip to Asia as it will take several days to get there by ship. This way I can minimize the time I cann't drive my car.

    Still looking for the right shipping company and European insurance company.

    Please help.

    Re: Jean,

    As far as I know, you drive your car with US state license until it expire, but insurance will be a problem, please tell me once you found out

    The shipping will take 4 weeks and it won't get there on time for me



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