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    Re: 997 World Premiere.

    Hi Larry,

    What I heard from suppliers was :

    May/June pre-production
    July ramp-up
    August/September full production ...

    1st deliveries in Europe in October at the earliest...

    So I guess the 997 won't hit the US shores (and Pompano Beach) before very late 2004 or early 05...


    Re: 997 World Premiere.

    The current C4S Cabriolet and Turbo Cabriolet were not suppossed to be released in the US until Oct of '03. They were released in the middle of September, right behind the rest of the '04 line. Even if they say the 997 won't be released until Oct, I wouldn't be surprised to see the car a little early. Once the cat is out of the bag at the Paris Show, Porsche will have to do something to bolster 911 sales.

    Re: 997 World Premiere.

    It's possible, the only problem is to have enough cars to sell...

    If the ramp-up phase is going smoothly they may have enough cars and then decide to push forward the US launch.

    On the other hand, we all know, US customers are really demanding when it comes to quality .... and they don't want to mess-up therefore Europeans can used as guinea-pigs. When the car is "debugged" they decide to send it to the US.

    Re: 997 World Premiere.

    Anyone have a semblance of a clue about prices?

    Re: 997 World Premiere.

    I would guess it'd be 996 price plus 4% +/-2%


    If they are bumping up the hp to 345-350, that puts it where the current 996 + power kit is. That adds $14000 to the price point.

    Given they can produce this in mass quantities at a lower price than the few they may produce as ordered options (996), I would suspect that to be at least half that number (add 7K) just for the engine issue.

    I'd say to brace yourself. Even though PAG hedged the dollar/euro so price inflation would not affect US prices, I'd expect the increase to be more significant than 4%....more likely 6-7% in my opinion.

    Re: Pricing....

    I agree with Eric. I think 4% is too modest considering some standars like 19", sports seats, more power, and so forth; I would imagine it'll be around 10% to 12%.

    Which in turn will keep the market price for the 996 MK I and 996 MK II sensible as opposed to crushing the model significantly.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Re: Pricing....

    If it's 10-12%, they may wind up running into problems like they had when they overpriced the 964 in 1989. I don't think they want to repeat that. When the 993 came out in 1994, they were significantly cheaper than the 964 it replaced, had more power, 6-speed (from 5speed), new body, suspension, etc. (lots of expensive R&D) This saved the company. I'm hoping they leanred something there. Also, I don't think anyone believes that PAG incurs building costs for the powerkit that in any way corresponds to the $14k retail price (just like it doesn't cost them anything for the $750 footwell lighting ).

    Re: Pricing....

    My guess is +4-5%.

    To justify +10% the car would have to be "all" new and it's obviously not the case with the 997 vs 996.

    Yes, Porsche has a good pricing power BUT I'm not sure they can raise prices as much as they would love to.

    Bear in mind, they don't need to raise prices significantly to achieve better margins. Thanks to productivity gains, the 997 should be cheaper to produce than the 996 in the tune of 3-5%, therefore if they increase prices by 4-5% they will make much more money per unit sold.

    Summer release....

    My sources are telling me coupe and cab are about ready to go. Still wonder about them releasing both at same time.

    Re: Summer release....

    It wouldn't make sense at all to release the coupe and the cab simultaneously ...

    Keep in mind they want to get as much press exposure as possible because it cost much less than paying for advertizing.

    If they were to release the cab during the fall they would have missed the selling season on both sides of the Atlantic !!!!!! So they are much better off releasing the Coupe 1st and then after 4-5 month the Cab. On an industrial stand point it's much better to stabilize the production process of the coupe 1st and then launch a variant (cab for instance)

    Re: Summer release....

    Hi Eric in Paris; I hope that all is well with you !
    I totally agree with Eric that the increase for 997 should be no more than 4%. If Porsche goes to a 3.8 dispacement; with
    345ish HP, there production cost increase will be negligible.
    They have also made Zuffenhausen more efficient, for sure.
    They have hedged currencies as well. Besides the fact; it is a competitive market place for Sports Cars, and these new models must be a real value; or we will have big problems for
    Porsche ! I know; I spend every day of my life selling them.
    The 997 better be right....we need it ! Revvv

    Re: Summer release....

    Revvv said:

    The 997 better be right....we need it ! Revvv

    The 997 needs substantially more horsepower. Power sells and if people get the feeling that the 911 isn't THE sportscar anymore, they could switch to other brands. The competition gets tougher and tougher, I hope Porsche is aware of that.

    Re: Summer release....

    RC said:
    Revvv said:

    The 997 better be right....we need it ! Revvv

    The 997 needs substantially more horsepower. Power sells and if people get the feeling that the 911 isn't THE sportscar anymore, they could switch to other brands. The competition gets tougher and tougher, I hope Porsche is aware of that.

    Are you saying horse power makes the sports car??????

    Re: Summer release....

    The 997 or 998 *desperately* needs to lose some fat! Playing the horsepower game is a losing proposition... There's only so much more they can get out of a flat six, and then what?

    A flat eight would shake the car to bits and the weight distribution would be horrendous. Besides, are 8 cylinders really enough to take on 12 cylinder turbo engines from Mercedes?

    Take a leaf out of Lotus' and TVR's book. Make the next model mid-engined, and 100-200kg lighter. IMHO of course



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