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    Re: I understand why people left

    Ron, I understand you very well. But I'm also sad to hear that. Nobody will delete a post made on unless it is spam (selling stuff, sex stuff, etc.) or a personal attack/flame war against a member or a company
    If you don't like something at, PLEASE tell us. We just started a few days ago because we wanted to put up a site which is fast and full of interesting content. But we need the feedback from our Users. Why we decided to go with registration ? Well, we want people to feel at home at Me and CR Germany will personall try to answer questions, to help, to post useful information and to acknowledge if we made a mistake. We're not perfect, we don't work for Porsche and we might talk BS too from time to time. The best thing about is: we don't sell you anything. We don't make money with parts, cars or whatever. My friend CR and me are the happiest guys on this planet if we have satisfied Users. But to satisfy you as a User, we NEED feedback. Don't hesitate to send us a Private Message or an e-Mail if you don't like something. I'm not touchy at all and if I don't agree, I don't keep my mouth shut. But I will NEVER delete a post or User because I don't like what I hear. Please try to feel at home at and don't forget one thing: we're just at the beginning. We have many many surprises for you guys for the next few months.

    RC, how about us Boxster owners

    Can you create a list for the Boxster. And, I have a trivia question. When I read the German Boxster Group forum they call the Boxster "box boxster." Why is the word "box" used in front of boxster?

    Jeff, California

    Re: RC, how about us Boxster owners

    We didn't open a Boxster list/forum because I don't think we can cope with Pete's Boxster Board which represents a huge Boxster community. Another reason is, that we wanted to concentrate on certain cars at the beginning to be able to reply to messages and to set things up. Hope you understand. If there is more persistent demand for a Boxster board, we will open one at once. No big deal and we're happy to have Boxster owners around.



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