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    [not working images removed, jason wants to repost, eunice]

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    I just love the trio with Porsche and Bully

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    Great pics as always  Such cute dogs


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    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2



    You can actually see the subtle differences more here and overall it has a more "muted" feel. Which do you like? :D

    I personall prefer thist one since the reflections on the carpaint make the picture much more individual and unmistakable. Most of the cars pictured by you are Ferrari and Porsche which have very prominent surface shapes, more than graphical elements. A uniformly pictured surface is appropriate on graphical elements such as the head- and taillights you showed above but it does draw the attention to these details.

    As I said, just my humble suggestions - see it as food for thought! Smiley

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    That white F430 is HOT!  Great pics Jason.


    Click for bigger picture!

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    [not working images removed, jason wants to repost, eunice]

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    Great, thanks!Smiley

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2


    That white F430 is HOT!  Great pics Jason.


    That's my favorite, also. Smiley


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    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    [not working images removed, jason wants to repost, eunice]

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    Some new pictures from an exotic car meet I went to in Scottsdale, AZ a while back



    E39 M5




    Gig Harbor Meet

    Josh driving!

    This white thing tried to race with some of us

    The gang is all here!

    Larry liked this VW bus

    Hiyabeth and Pocket Hercules

    RB and Mara brought Anthony who slept a lot

    Hmmmm, I need to "micro" that micro bus

    Our mascot of the day

    A very cool carbon fiber emblem on Neil's M5

    Mike's C4 looks like a SUV next to Tim's 355

    Mark doing an excellent job parking his newest toy

    Alex and his retina searing yellow 996TT

    Mike arrives in his CGT

    Carly loves Anthony

    I don't think that's supposed to be on there

    Sexy rears

    That looks comfortable

    A funny trio

    Check out the height differences


    Love that sticker

    Track diagrams

    Definitely track ready

    Reflections of a sexy beast

    Eye of the beast

    A very white M3

    Bruce and Vincent

    Bead lock tires

    Defender 90 interior

    What is RB up to now?

    Troy, Neil and Josh

    William, Larry and Steve

    605 HP in the Carrera GT

    A split second later, Mike gave Mark a pair of rabbit ears

    William's sexy S550

    Check out that exhaust!

    Looks good to me


    Todd taking a picture of me again!

    Mike's 993 C4

    Poor dog

    Alex's cool t-shirt

    That dog again! Hey it's our mascot after all!

    Josh's cool S60R

    Another shot

    Control center for the S550

    Hub tool for the Carrera GT

    RB and Anthony (sleeping as usual)

    Anthony trying out the F430 Spyder for size

    He wants to drive too

    Mark checking out Troy's M3

    Mara behind the wheel of the Carrera GT

    Northern loop of the Nurburgring

    Carrera GT from behind

    RB takes a drink

    A very cute couple

    M power

    Nice brakes

    And nice wheel too

    Porsche toys

    Teutronic toys

    Mark's toys

    Vantage engine bay

    Vantage interior

    Following William to Mark's hangar

    Mark testing the platform for me

    The group shot

    The Porsches

    The BMWs and Mercedes Benz

    More Porsches

    And the lone F-car

    And Larry's A3

    Mark's Defender 90

    Leaving for lunch

    Carly and Bruce


    My beautiful Turbo

    Larry's A3 and Steve's 745

    Where we had lunch

    Some of the crowd

    Neil's M5









    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    A local with a LP640 arranged for the top team from Lamborghini Italy to come out to Seattle to give us a presentation introducing their newest models. One in particular that I had my eye on was the new LP670-4SV in which there are currently only three in the US. Two on the West Coast and one on the East Coast. We were lucky enough to have one come to town as presented directly by the top team from Lamborghini including the CEO himself, Stephan Winkelmann.

    It was an incredible opportunity for everyone starting from a police escorted caravan of exotics going from a local shopping mall (Redmond Town Center) up to Salish Lodge, a local tourist attraction up by Snoqualmie Falls where everyone had a delicious brunch downstairs in the banquet room. The team from Lamborghini made their presentation illustrating the history of Lamborghini, their goals, their future ideas/concepts and followed by a very candid Q&A session that surprised many including quite a few Ferrari owners and myself as well.

    Afterwards a few of us including myself went on a "spirited" run down the highway back to Lamborghini of Bellevue for a short while. The team from Lamborghini headed to the airport from there but they left their newest models for us to sample including a very limited production LP650 (1 of 50).

    I took many pictures of this event but I wanted to start things off with the LP650-4SV, the star of this event!

    LP650 wheel

    The lambo gets a new fan, Kelly

    On the move. A friend took this because I was busy trying to keep up with the Lambos!

    The host, Tommy gave Stephan a new gift

    The entire Lamborghini team and their hosts


    And now for something different. I went gokarting with a couple friends. Our first day of karting was an unqualified success for everyone. I knew that it was going to be a hot day the minute I looked out the window this morning and upon arriving at the track, it was HOT! Before we arrived, a few of us guessed that Mark would probably show up in shorts and a t-shirt even though we were told to wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt. That's Mark, always wanting to be the different one.

    After registering for our first outing. $50 for an annual pass or $10 for just the day plus $75 for 4 sessions or $20 for a single session. We were all set! After Tim gave us a brief explanation, the first group went out on the track driving those 15 hp cars. I was part of the first group so I wore my helmet camera to take some videos! I spun out a couple times throughout my 5 sessions with the first being because of Todd bumping into me around a corner in the first one! I would get my revenge!

    A little background about the track. It's multi configured and can be set up as either one big track or two separate North and South sections. The Southern track is not as challenging and is easier to really pick up some serious speed with nice, flat and wide turns. The Northern section however has banked turns, varying elevation and much tighter corners. Using the entire track combines the best of both worlds but it's also much easier to max out in the straightways before the first corner.

    The video!

    The result of my trip off the track thanks to Todd

    James took pictures along with me

    Eric comes around!

    Two fo the staff (Tim is the one with the sunglasses)

    Jim aka Busta Rib

    Aaron can't believe that Mark is faster than him!

    James gives the thumbs up

    Jody looked pretty tired after the first round

    Jason is ready for round 2!

    Walking to the pit area

    And they're off!

    James' coming around the first corner

    Jim's turn

    Todd laughing about bumping some guys (including me)

    I think Aaron was telling Mark something about a turn

    Jody is still all smiles! A little story. During the first session, Jody and Josh were both driving together in the back, spinning out, giving each other high fives, and just having fun! The rest of us were driving like maniacs somewhere else on the track!

    Jason and his helmet camera setup with Mark in the background

    Mark relaxing a bit before the race started

    Jason, Mark and Aaron

    Mark and Aaron just before the start

    And Jason

    Mark is already in front of Jason

    Jason giving the thumbs up!

    Shifter karts!

    Here comes James aka Hot Shot

    And Todd

    Mark showing his winning form

    Aaron close behind!

    Jody trying desperately not to spin out by leaning over!

    Jason purposefully leaning over for the video camera!

    A little friendly competition between friends

    Now Mark is starting to get serious

    Todd was already left behind!

    Mark leading the pack as usual

    Jason trying to hug the corners

    I guess, it didn't always work

    Mark even hugs the corners when coming into the pit area

    Jody coming in last but I wonder why she's driving a car that has a body shop's name on it? An omen, perhaps?

    Jody is either imitating a certain movie star or actually trying to cool off

    Josh aka Bosco giving the thumbs up!

    Jim going out for his next session

    Eric is all smiles as he thinks how hard this is going to be

    Josh is ready!

    Heading to the North track

    One of the many banked corners in the Northern section

    Josh likes this section!

    Jim and Eric goes neck to neck arond the final turn

    Josh takes a short nap after his 4th and final session

    Our time attack machines at rest

    Mark and Aaron went again for their 5th time! Can you find them?

    Mark and Aaron were neck to neck!

    Eric is STILL all smiles as he comes in

    I guess his arms didn't agree with his smile

    Some of the flags used

    Before and after our session, there was this rider who did a great job drifting around the corners fast!

    Coming around!




    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2



    Nice shooting.  I, too, have found the interface a bit time consuming for including pictures.  I'm fortunate to have the Nikkor 13mm f/5.6 AIS lens for my serious wideangle work on my D3.  118º on the diagonal.  Queen Anne Hill is a great setting for shoots.  You're lucky in Seattle to have such flat lighting,--we don't get that too often down here!



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    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of Mark's beautiful new "Carrara white" 360CS down in Portland/Oregon Coast over the weekend. She's a stunner, that's for sure. I also had a chance behind its wheels too and let me say that it's a beast for sure. It redefines the whole concept of a car that is raw in every sense of the word. Sorry but I have so many expletives that I could utter but this forum is PG rated. I loved this car! Every one of you folks out there with a 360CS, live and breathe it for as long as you can because this car is a keeper!

    A note, this may possibly be the only white 360CS in North America.

    I plan to add more pictures eventually so keep checking back.

    Northwest Industrial Area

    Close up

    Northeast suburbs

    Personal touch (black emblem)

    Capristo exhaust

    Mark's new 360CS

    Kuzi's new 16M and 360CS

    16M on the move



    Another shot

    This particular Corvette chased us down from Tacoma and then headed back!

    16M again

    Twin spyders

    Mark's F430 spyder

    Twin 360CS'

    A Lamborghini joined the fray

    On the move

    End of the road



    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    uiiii.... what a photobook! This I will watch every night before going to sleep!

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    You never cease to amaze me. You really are an incredibly talented photographer.

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

     there is no doubt that this is THE BEST photobook in all of the internet.

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

     +1, unbelievable jason, very good fotos and I think you are improving with every set you upload.

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

     Excellent photos! 


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    997 Carrera 4S, Guards Red, H&R Sport Springs, IPD Plenum, Dension Gateway 500, PSE.

    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    At a recent Lamborghini event.


    Re: Photoshoot: Yellow 997 GT2

    I haven't posted here in a while so here's some new pictures: My local dealership had a new 2010 997.3 GT3 in the showroom so I went in to take a few pictures. It's a shame that it had the front license plate mounted. :( It didn't have the new electronic engine mount nor the front lift system because those options were not available at the time of ordering Can you tell I like these headlights? I admit that I didn't at first Porsches have always had relatively plain engine bays in their 911s. I visited the dealership recently and took these pictures. I'll be going back to take more as they take the car apart even further. The 5000 mile service is fairly comprehensive. Jacob, one of two techs qualified to work on the CGT All the parts laid out Screws, fasteners, bolts, etc all organized Even under the skin, there's CF components Rear suspension components under the covers Nothing but "tailight" Rear brakes (note the e-brake caliper on the lower right) Rear shock Interlock tab for center hub unit Some of the many tubings The black tube leads air into the rear rotor cooling it Close up of rear caliper Front brakes (note the ventings) Passenger side mirror Components all laid out Some of the many foreign made components used Rear bumper Rear side fenders Wheels and battery Top view of battery Instructions given Rear suspension components from the top Close up of tailights Loosing up the lower arms Rear e-brake caliper by Brembo The view from behind the rear bumper Engine bay Towel to protect the ceramic rotor Carbon fiber air box Engine heads Getting ready to tighten the suspension components with straps Components again Straps in place Close up of straps holding suspension components up Two of the major wiring sockets Lower A-arms released from below View from below View from below again Arms unbolted Rear quarter view from below Side view showing the A-arms unbolted Front right brakes Suspension components from underneath Can you see the fender openings on the right? A better view CF brake duct leading cool air to the rotor Another view of the brake duct Rear brake duct is made of plastic leading straight up like a periscope Brake duct from underneath Here are the final set of pictures after service was completed. Fully assembled she looked strange to me and that's probably because I'd gotten used to seeing her parts stripped off over the past week. Here's a bonus, a GT3 RS that was also in for service too. Ford GT in gulf blue on the move At an unnamed location, a few boys got together for some early morning coffee. This is the result: Ferrari 16M



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