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    Re: Best car to develop driving skill ?

    JoeRockhead said:
    I think the best car to really have fun with at a reasonable price is a pre-owned Boxster. The handling is unreal in a mid-engined car and you can pick up a used one quite cheap. And, you don't have to be seen in a Miata!

    Is it better to be seen in a Miata passing a Boxster, or be seen in a Boxster being passed by a Miata (on the track)?

    Re: Best car to develop driving skill ?

    Jeannot said:
    nobody mentionned the go-kart
    while it is not technically a CAR, it's still a great school to learn how to drive imho.

    I am teaching my six-year-old son to drive a Go-Kart every day (we are in NZ for three months). After day three he no longer crashes into the safety tyres and is driving quite well.

    I drive with him in a faster Kart and enjoy its massively entertaining throttle-modulated extreme-drifting capacity on the indoor wooden track. This is the safest, fastest and most fun way to learn the basics of motorsports.

    Re: Best car to develop driving skill ?

    just starting: keep the HP low - forcing you to learn to be quick in the turns. Safer all around that way too.

    I'd say an old boxster, except its a cab - on the offset chance you slide off sideways and roll...

    I think an older 911 coupe would be great - with little or no stability or traction control, and lower HP, lighter weigh, and great breaks.

    Just my opinion...

    Re: Best car to develop driving skill ?

    I'd say a kart for getting to know the ideal lines, and a Mazda MX-5 / Miata for trackday use.
    A learning car needs to be light, easy to provoke and managable on the edge. And of course affordable - so those unavoidable mistakes wont cost you an arm.

    Re: Best car to develop driving skill ?

    bluelines said:
    Funny no one has mentioned the Boxster. The balance is impeccable, it is much more forgiving than a 911 and the power of the S model is more than enough... and it is a cabrio

    Get a less powerful car and learn to drive it 100% to the limit rather than, for example, a GT3 which most of us will never be able to drive more then 70% to the limit even after many years of track experience. Not to mention the likelihood of ending up in a serious accident while trying to push the GT3 to the limit...

    Having started track driving with a Boxster, I had a lot of fun, as you reach high speed without taking much risk, especially with PSM on. When I switched to a 911 RS 1992, I realized that I had actually learned nothing with the Boxster! The Boxster is so easy to drive that you just go, throw the car into the corner and... it makes it. I agree the 911 is quite difficult (I wouldn't recommend it as a starter) but at least you feel that driving it is a perpetual challenge. I've had it for a year now and I know it'll take me years to know it by heart.
    As a starter I'd say also a Miata, a old bimmer or an elise.



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