This question is really directed to RC whom I remember used to own a E55k.

I have the same E55k and I'm thinking of trading it in for a 997 C4S tip.

Yes, I know, I'm the non-enthusiast who doesn't drive a manual, but I wonder how much slower the C4S tip is compared to my current car. Can the 997 C4S even beat the CTT?

I read on this board the tip gear box on the 997 is actually made by MB? My experience with 996 tip has not been very favourable as they feel a little slow and fragile. Is the current generation any better?

While I much appreciate the luxury and straight line effortless power of the E55k, I thought it would be an interesting switch to drive something with more traction, for a change. Well, until the DSG 997tt arrives. Or should I stick with the E55k?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!